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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

I took a break from City of Thieves (and WoT), and finally got lucky with Crypt Keepers. +380 renown for my troubles, and +4 Purple foods…Minito Mori glitch back in the day.

Friendly Reminder: Silver Necroplis event Tuesday for all the new folks needing Life and Death. I’m noticing less and less of it in PvP. gl hf


If you see the currently ingame available calendars it seems there is no new delve in July as after the invasion weekend we see a bounty scheduled not a delve event.
Any ideas?

I’m guessing on the 17th?

That seems later than normal though. I guess the 5.0 update is messing up/changing timing of events

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@Sytro — please do let me know if any notes I made could be elaborated upon to make your go in Hall of Guardians any better; I try to be thorough, but might have left out something important if reaching the boss room is still proving difficult.

To all else: beat Fell Roost potionless, but not as impressively, I think, as others have already demonstrated:

Hoard 122
Blighted Lands level 14
Legendary Helmut
3 Medals of Seasons
Fell Banner (to quickly refill eggs)

The hardest part is easily the second room. None of the dragons are really built to deal with the sorts of teams you’re up against: Xathenos hits too hard after one cast, Spectral Knight will end you if you manage to kill him; Orcs can tank endlessly (though perhaps not if you get lucky summons); Glaycion is obviously dangerous, but even more so with the backups giving hunters marks and free-targetable damage (re: Snow Guardian can go suck on his carrot); and any other room I’m forgetting is equally awful, trust me. Getting past the V room is (mostly) luck, I think.

The V room I beat was Glaycion, and only because it didn’t get a doomskull cascade. I targeted the wolf primarily, hoping that mana-thieving all the purple and brown would be enough to stop the jeopardy of Glaycion. Worked out.

I don’t really remember the third room—too many doomskulls to the face taken today for my thoughts to be clear—whichever one is the easiest. The team I had at the end was: Bone Drake (what I wanted) / Nocturnia (wanted) / Fell Dragon (was supposed to be Nocturnia) / Fell Dragon Egg (wanted).

I only won the final battle because there was enough mana on the board to fuel me, and not enough to fuel the opponent after. That’s it. Never ran into situations where I had to take skulls and provide the opponent mana, either. So: luck.

I spent every cast of Nocturnia I could get on theirs. My fell dragon I cast on Bone Drake, to get a dragon into that slot that had less attack with which to hurt me. Got especially lucky when the summoned frontline ended up being a Nocturnia (I think maybe even twice!), which really helped mana block the major danger on the other side—she was dead before she got a cast off. That was key—that’s all it takes, is extraordinarily good boards.

What little “strategy” I can offer is this: if your Nocturnia’s are gone, you’re in trouble; if your eggs are gone, you’re in trouble; if you don’t have either, you have lost. And losing seemed to, for me, follow a similar pattern: eggs would end up on top, Bone Drakes on the bottom, and my inverted team would be unable to claw back.

So I eventually stopped casting eggs if I was trying to replace the last spot with an egg (which seemed to me to be an essential victory condition) UNLESS I had no choice because I had no Nocturnias with which to summon eggs; this brings to light the other major area of luck in the delve: as bad as summoning is in Mirrored Halls and—worse, Stonesong Eyrie—this is a sort of weird hybrid of the two where you have lower chances of getting what you want but more agency in the attempt. Just so, you know, you can be disappointed when the wrong thing gets summoned, or Nocturnia doesn’t leave you with an Empowered Fell Egg (I got one each time on the successful run—often did not on the runs I failed).

Anyway, good luck to all, in the Underworld and in the Wars to come.

I lay this down only with the hope that it might be found helpful to someone in The Horde



it’s perfectly fine, i got to boss room few times with my my full team, but guess that missing that 25% on hoard (only lvl 13 in whitlehelm atm) from whitehelm is what’s stopping me from beating it (at most i was able to kill off silent guardian and gargoyle, but my gargoyle wasn’t able to push trough the last 2 guys…)

Werewoods down, potionless.

Very nearly did it yesterday as shown, will delete that now.

I had been using Werebird, Werebear, Tobern, Werecat and the Meteor banner for most of my efforts. Very handy for Tobern’s.

Drawback was the weakness of the bird to skulls at faction 500 and agile on opponents. The advantage was obviously Hunter’s Marks. However with Tobern able to hunter’s mark the first two on cast, and sometimes having 3 or even 4 Toberns, I figured the Bear, would work better with guaranteed hit with first enrage if you explode him. He also has a measly 20% skull protection, which is better than 0.

Also, get something in the banner to help fill it. The standard Werewoods banner

So went with;

Werewoods Banner, 2 red, 1 green, -1 blue


A lot of stats from 4 troops and max pet, 50% bonus. Hoard 220. I figure it is doable sub 200, but for me it was irrelevant if I want to do all without ever beating them with potions. Time/speed of winning with daily delves is better for this method.
2 MoS, 1 Anu

Gold Werebird/Werebear - didn’t bother with Cat or Toby.

Shard situation, spent 11k shards to raise the hoard.

Out of first room, with no changes to the team. In here, the strategy is not to allow their Bear to hit you while it’s enraged. So, take him out without using explode on your bear if you can, then explode once you have hunter’s on the Werebird.

Don’t think anything transformed.

Second room - Faery Ring

Main issue - Glitterclaw at the back and Toadstool transforming.

Went through fairly easy, crashed Tobern to stop Glitterclaw, making sure no skulls align, so no blue for it to convert. Once you kill Fey Cap, only enchant on red for them, so you can force fire Tobern’s to try and get any changed troops back, with full health. A few changes, had 2 bears and no Tobern at all at the end.

Third room - Viper’s Nest - possibly easier than some of T4 rooms, pretty convincing beat down of that, but order ruined. 2 Tobern’s, 2 Bird’s. I hit Venoxia for 800 skull damage though with a large swathe of brown to skulls.

Next room 4, Witches Coven T3

Aanother transform, and after a cast of Bear, it changed to Tobern. There followed at least 10 agiles from Sylvasi, even aligning 16 skulls on brown, it agiled 3 of the 4 matching 4 matches of skulls. In the end, I nearly killed Hag before it with chip damage from bird and cat.

Boss room

First Tobern changed to a cat early on, not much use I thought… stats down a little, but 2 x Tobern could raise them sharp.

but he does triple damage with 13 red… so fired on their Cat, ignored that 6 damage Bear so as not to waste a full load of Tobern on 6 health.

It worked out, did that twice to within 2 lots of skull matches to kill it. My Cat did turn into a
Tobern on 2nd cast, but board very heavy for Tobern. Then started casting 2nd Tobern with first full, to try and keep at least 1 Tobern.

AI Tobern didn’t cast once.

3 left now, not quite sure where to go Lair, Warrens or SoS. Hoards are all 100, so need some investment! :slight_smile:


Warrens or SoS - I did Warrens with hoard 200. Regret spending gems/potions on SoS with hoard 200.


Thanks to you (and everyone on this treat, obviously); we finished all 21 factions potionless :sunglasses: :100: :raised_hands:


I’m changing my farming delve (from WC to CoT).

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Yo my friends. here is a spreadsheet that i use (work in progress :sweat_smile:):

It has alot of curiosity about factions in general.

With this spreadsheet you can compare things, prepare strategies, …

Its my first time using Exel, im still learning :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Very handy to see all the records in one place, wasn’t sure about the hoard levels on some of them. Thanks!

Successfully did Warrens without potions at 202 Hoard, 2 Nysha/1 Anu, level 14 kingdom and good luck.

Used the Luna, Luna, Bunnicorn, Luna team.

Good luck to all attempting and thanks to all those who did it before to help me out!


This is my basic guide for all factions. I only finish up to half of Hard section, so I have collect some data of the rest from here, so thank everyone for sharing!


A nice list overall, but from my personal experience:

  • I would move Hall of Guardians to Medium and The Warrens to Extreme (it’s not easier than Dark Pits)
  • “Spam Charm” in The Warrens is a very bad tactic - you will quickly kill 1 or 2 troops but what’s next? Nothing. Your chance - it’s cast from Luna and luck, luck ane one more time luck for correct effects.

Hall of Guardian is on hard, because it relied too much on good board. On wrong cascade and a Gargoyle cast, and it’s over. None of the Medium Faction have that problem.

For me, Warren is only hard because of 5-room path. If it’s 3, it would be in Medium, or even easy. Charm is strong, but it’s random. In Boss room, if Luna is dead, the winning chance is quite high. If Bunnicorn is gone too soon, then there will be a problem.

Good Charm targetting will result in all troop having only 100-200 lifes in just a few turn, and some killed by skulls between that. Luna’s spell can only be so high, that speed won’t be on your side, unless you got Deathmark on them.

My team of Luna/Bunnicorn/Bunnicorn/Luna is able to enter Boss room a lot of times, but no luck in winning yet. Always Luna with 40-300 life for some reason. One time it’s Bunnicorn instead, skydrop skulls still kill me anyway. So I think my Hoard 199 + Kingdom 14 is more than enough, just have to try more and hope to get lucky.

That’s why it’s in hard. It got some scaling scale and protection, but no way to control it. In Extreme, you will need a lot more luck.

Disagree with Warrens. Warrens is easier than Dark Pits because you have a viable offense. :slight_smile:

I actually beat Warrens (hoard 200) using 2x bunny and totally relying on him for offense. If he kills the middle troops, that’s a problem, naturally …

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I like this, and I generally agree with it …

I’d move Stonesong to hard, though - simply cuz the RNG is insane. HoG is easier than Stonesong - assuming 3 non-crap starting boards.

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So…can the opposing Illithian Colossus actually shift all the magic out of the battle if you don’t kill him quickly enough? Or will their Servitor kill you so quickly it doesn’t even enter as a concern?

I’ve only dipped my toe in and played the Pure Faction at level 100, but it definitely seems a little sketchy as far as I can tell.

Maybe if I steal enough magic fast enough it won’t matter? Guess we’ll see :man_shrugging::joy:

I tried it at 150, no problems clearing the whole floor except Cedric messed my order up. Went Colossus, Servitor, 2x HiveMind.

Right, I won easily as well. But it’s at the point where the stats are similar.

What happens when the opponent has a lot more than you do? :flushed: