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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

Yh man. 1.5 M is an irrelevant number because we only care about getting the latest delve out of the way. This is certainly not a no potion delve but 10M is ludicrous esp cos those who do it already have zuul. Serious psychological issues here. In fact… china’s top player has just quit because of gaming disorder.

Fell Roost PF 500 with 7 Tier 7
Hoard 100 with 50% bonus
3x Nysha

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Thats it guys (without potions)!!! Sub 200 aswell :smiley:


Beat 500 with no potions as well, 2nd try today. got skull stormed in the boss room on my 1st try.

2nd room was

Lord Ember

Pyggra respawns were annoying, but not enough to do much outside of killing my first slot a lot.

3rd room was Fey Cap, Giant Toadstool, Florian, Glitterclaw. Glitterclaw managed to snipe out my Fell Dragon Egg which was really annoying. Went into the boss fight with a sub-average team.

Boss room, I tried a “new” strategy. I focused on the enemy Undead Drake first, because the last few runs, the skull storm + high enemy attack was causing me to lose badly.

Yeah, its not the Fell Dragon Egg or enemy Nocturnia, but it worked out amazingly well. Why? because Fell Dragon Egg summons in a wussy replacement in slot 1. No more painful skull hits and if the enemy summons another Nocturnia, the actual strong one gets mana blocked. The weak summon Nocturnia only hits for 42 true heavy splash damage.

Eventually after forever, I beat it. my Nocturnia summoned an egg in the first slot which died near the end of battle. 2nd and 3rd slot were 2 Fell Dragons which wasn’t ideal, and 4th slot was my last Nocturnia which got beat up pretty heavily by their Nocturnia and Fell Dragon, but survived with enough hp/armor. sub 30 armor and sub 20 life.

People have done it with lower stats, but at least I can say I did it?


Great to see you guys doing potion less 500. I won’t be trying it lol. Glad it’s over and done with but not too bad if the middle rooms are kind. Took 4 goes in the end because of the mid rooms but can’t complain. @TheIdleOne team horde 100. Better start playing catch up with GW before i get kicked lol.

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Finally did potionless Sunken Fleet, started it around time of last new delve event, stopping to do that potionless first, then resuming.

We have a guild thing where we often do a sort of groan at the RNG and then hope it changes fortune, well it did today. Thanks to guildees (they know who they are) who helped me see a move in a sea of traps!

Firstly, I cannot count the number of times Water Elemental died to Drowned Sailor Deathmark - I ended up having to run Orpheus medals just to survive. Yesterday it scuppered a run with 2 Orpheus medals with a first chance death mark, with 0 gems converted. If I had to guess, that thing screwed over at least 18-20 runs. I reckon about 50% of the time without any gems converted. It is extremely frustrating to say the least that something with circa 20-25% chance usually death marks so often. Obviously around a 100 battles of a sample size, and it cast at least 50% of the time in this delve for me.

Secondly, getting 2 TMQs through the rooms is tough. The rooms are purposefully designed to counter the Sunken Fleet team. Coral Golem is obtuse, so you can’t drop Water E. If Water E dies, in first room to deathmark, expect pain. Merlion is very easy to fill, but by far and away the worst troop is Sea Witch, heals everyone, puts on a random enrage to someone. What that does is make TMQ 1 shottable with skulls usually.

So, a team predicated on skull damage and alignment, is really up against it. It also heals troops out of range. if you can’t align you are screwed, as the loops almost always bring skulls with them, especially as it is capable of looping over and over.

Crabman got loaded when there was no troops with stoneskin up front middle of last week. So a couple of times I went Crabman, 2 x TMQ and Sailor, but ended up being a mana collection problem, so ditched it this weekend.

Thirdly you do have some counters, curse when using TMQ, stun with Water E and Deathmark with Sailor. It is therefore possible with good fortune to kill even impervious Merlion with dm, if curse lands. Merlion is really nasty, 276 damage if you are silenced.

Started out - out of room 1 - typical team;

Water E
Drowned Sailor

3 MOS medals - Hoard 211 (spent nigh 3 weeks of a month sub 170, but just no luck) Banner 2 Blue, 1 Red -1 brown.

So today, first go, lost TMQ to Sea Witch Enrage, then second, cast after, got out of second room, but only back two left. Died early vs Merlion and Co.

Second go cast my Sailor, took all yellow, matched and filled Water E. AI casts first Sailor, no yellow converted, Water E deathmarked (flat 20% chance). Cast Water E, pass turn, AI moves, Water E dies first chance it can. That attempt actually got me to the boss room with TMQ and Sailor, but they died early.

Final go.

Started out - out of room 1 - typical team;

Next opponent is Tier IV - Coral Golem, Nyx, Mososaurus, Vodyanoi. Got out intact, Vodyanoi cast on sailor, killed all with skulls. Dropped both Orpheus medals before fight to MOS.

3rd room - Tier V, Coral Golem, Sea Witch, Sea Troll, Nimue

Nasty, Sea Witch. Kill Coral Golem, then a loong battle ensues. Sea Troll to Death mark, but at this point my top TMQ is nearly dead. Sea Witch and Nimue, kept filling Sailor and just throwing it out there, in the end I kill Witch with skulls and then get into Nimue. Right at end I take all yellow with Sailor when Nimue is full, it casts, leaves me a load of skulls but both TMQs silenced… In the end lose top TMQ to skulls last hit.

Final room

1 TMQ, Water E and Sailor

Started onimously - matched a few, did some skull damage with a TMQ cast

Water E death marked early as almost always and I took orpheus medals off. It cleansed…

So, the groan worked, as first Water E died to a death mark from a +19 blue conversion. I skulled down Crab man and they killed TMQ next turn. Sailor died to Death mark 3 turns later. Now I was really totally reckless until here, I abandoned casting on alignment and tbh it must have worked to a point. Once Sailor died, I started being more cautious, the key is get rid of green so AI TMQ casts and doesn’t match.

AI TMQ - I kept shifting green or casting TMQ and eventually my TMQ dies to skyfall skulls. I then can force AI TMQ to cast and not match any green, but leaves this…

With the aid of guildees - we spot a match to a match to a match in the fog… See if you can see it :stuck_out_tongue:

Can see the way now… the greedy thing will take the vertical reds to the right, hopefully be short and I can stun it to within a skull hit.

And so it does… and a lucky skull falls behind the other…

Back to 5 to do, the latest seems reasonable. Treasure situation dire, but will get some back with the event and finishing two normal to 500. Next target will be Fell Roost, and then more nightmares to follow! :slight_smile:


Nice. I won’t follow your lead tho. These high horde values are not for me. Gold is too precious these days.

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That was a great win, congrats! Did you take the horizontal brown+purple at the bottom center, leading to a horizontal 4-red and two skull matches?



Yes, correct. :slight_smile:

I looked at it several times and thought it’s going to end up causing a doomskull to leave matches, or just leave lots of red, but then you can see it will make 6 red, skull hit with the 2nd far most right Doomskull with those level with AI health. So it made me 374 damage in skull hits, plus I could match a skull after.

In one of the images, I could guarantee I’d be skull hit from sky fall more or less, and sure it did, but thankfully that troop just took magic damage at that point. It took me ages to force the AI to cast TMQ. At one point it had 2-3 4 gem to doomskull conversions, but I suppose I sacrified my TMQ to shift green away, when AI was full.

I was quite lucky, but think I earned it with all the death mark deaths! Got 2 in this fight myself.

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Primal Rift

no portions
hoard level 166 (people did it even with 100, but I didn’t want to make it too hard for myself)
kingdom level 10
3 Orpheus medals equipped

I did 12 attempts with Redthorn + Dark Dryad + 2xAlderfather, Riven Banner [6654,6652,6655,6655,3043]. Some times I got close, but I rarely came to the last battle with four troops alive and Treant as first.

Then I switched to Redthorn + 3xAlderfather, Riven Banner [6654,6655,6655,6655,3043]. It need more luck in the first battle, but then it seemed easier for me in the next battles, than with only 2 Alderfathers.

The first attempt, I came to the last battle with Treant + 2x Alderfather + Golem and got killed.
The second attempt, my Alderfather summoned Golem, I couldn’t get it killed fast enough to try for Treant and enemy slaughtered two of my Alderfather’s. Lost in the second battle.

The third attempt - I won:

The first battle. It’s all about luck to get your first troop killed fast, and to summon Treant, (if on the fist try it’ll summon Golem, you are very likely done for) and to end the battle with all troops alive and with Treant as first.

The second battle. Smuggler’s Den. Very easy, only Bonnie Rose does damage there and the Pirates never get the chance to increase attack because of the constant entangle

The third battle. Goblin Throneroom. Once again it’s luck to get enough attack in Treant to kill Queen Grapplepot before all your team end up dead. At the beginning I tried to not leave purple on the board to avoid Princess Fizzbang casting. As a ‘bonus’ that room gave all future enemies Agile, which made the last battle so much longer.

The boss battle. Entangle enemies with purple. Get attack for your Treant. Be lucky. I often left skulls on the board as a ‘bait’ for the enemy team, so the enemy spend its turn matching skulls with entangled Golem (avoid leaving doomskulls though, or Golem will entangle your Treant) instead of doing something more dangerous like getting mana for Redthorn. So I managed to kill Golem and Dryad, then Redhorn killed off my Treant with reflection (and meanwhile my Alderfathers were almost finished - 15, 40 and 68 life only left, it was a close call). Alderfather summoned Golem. And here I got incredibly lucky that Golem managed to skull down Redthorn before the battle was lost. And so I was left with Golem + 3 Alderfathers against enemy’s Alderfather. For a while it was really slow and boring: enemy’s Alderfather summoned a troop, I killed off the troop with my Golem while trying not to leave purple on the board for enemy’s Alderfather, did a little skull damage to enemy’s Alderfather but he summorned another troop, so repeat once again. I was hesitant to leave an enemy’s troop unentangled, my Alderfathers were one skull match away from dead, I was afraid to risk it. But finally I get a chance to let enemy kill my Golem, and I got lucky that my Alderfather summoned Treant. Then things speed up, Treant got enough attack, but it still took some time to win (Agile for enemy’s from the previous battle was a real pain). But in truth after Redthorn was killed, I could have relaxed some, with no damage-dealers as three Alderfathers entangle everything fast, it was just a drawn out fight but not dangerous.


I want to try your team now. My team dies around the 4th Cat Burglar cast, so I thought if I had Street Thief, Cat Burglar and 2 Kings I could survive better, but then I lose the 1st troop to skulls. And the one time I make it out to Cedric intact, he has my King kill everybody else…

Did you cast the tomb robber when full? Or just have it there to soak? Enemy Robber dodged skull hits 3 turns in a row too many times for my liking. But this current run has Cedric and Mimic rooms. I’m feeling lucky. And I have my best medals equipped. :blush:

Which Legendary rooms did you find easier? That Glacyon/Frost Lizard room wrecked me. Thank you.

Edit: Enemy Robber cast killed my first two troops. Next try, my Robber cast x2 to kill 1st two ai, but third cast backfired. 3rd try fail as well. Hoarding gems now. As is tradition.

Trying your Halls of Guardians now, but last few runns unlucky -> seems like i cant get to the boss room with full squad. Either loose something in 1st or 2nd battle…
running with hoard 100, lvl 13 whitehelm(lack few deeds for 14), but did some medal upgrades on faction troops

I got this from guild discord as it was 3 months back! :slight_smile:

First room, if you can kill their Robber early, or get it to cast when you’ve stolen gold, you are fine. I’ve tended to try and kill the back troops first with Burglar and King, but if that Robber casts, it can make 14 skulls and cause damage. Usually I lose my top troop to skulls regardless.

Started recently using Tomb Robber myself, previously I dismissed it due to blowback on skulls. Killed their Robber, made a dent in the first burglar which are stealthed, so after death of 1, you can only hit with random spells and skulls and King on their last troop - Thief. Managed to get out all intact with big skull cascade.

Cedric room available. I learned never to cast King due to self destruction from a big King when Cedric charms. I figured the way to beat it was to try and let Cedric summon bombots, by killing first troop, then try and keep Bombot alive, then kill other coin purses. They still do 260+ skull damage, so must avoid skulls. Managed to keep casting burglar for 68 damage on back 2, chipped away. Then once I got a Bombot and Cedric empty, go all in on King and Robber when at 100 gold. Worked! Cedric also had a 275 bonus, so when you beat it, it adds with Moneybags.

Next room was Check Mate room, Lance Knight, Bishop, Queen Y and King HF. Either that or Goblins at both T5.

Had some real luck, Cedric had shifted King to first place. First 5 moves were 4 matches, cast of King, then Thief, so I’m 400/500. King by time cast 3 times was capable of killing any troop. So, did that, Highforge nearly got my back two, but enough.

Boss room, similar a few 4 matches, then they stole all my gold. I then next turn got all their gold, King x 5 and all then in range. Only issue would have been a multiple Robber and loads of hits, avoided it.


** Don’t put King first, you will struggle to beat the faction without a high hoard unless you get Cedric’s room. King first will make you kill your own troops as you will figure he needs stats.

Cedric only needs 8 mana to cast, unblocked. You will never stop him casting once. You need him to cast four times to recircle the wagons, but by then, probably 3 of them will be dead to charms and skull hits. Avoid casting King, save him. Those purses only use skulls, DON’T use Tomb Robber unless Cedric is full and one hit will kill the first purse. Get a Bombot up front, leave King. Soak the skulls from Bombot, if you have too and leave King full, keep filling Burglar. AI does not use purple, so Street Thief can just be cast all the time.

Be careful with allowing Cedric to cast twice, it’s imperative you leave this room with King in front. I managed to take all yellow and blue, and blue help fills Thief. In the start I’d already chipped at the back Purse and Cedric before he cast. So my main issue was the second coin purse. I managed to get that in range of Burglar and I cast King on it once I got the 3rd purse dead.

At this point, I raised King with purple from Thief, took all yellow and blue (and brown for bombot), then once I’d got King high, I cast Robber and he killed Bombot and Cedric with skulls.

Vs the T5, King got inflated stats, with Moneybags and the bug, so he could just be raised and cast. Taking Blue/Brown/Red/Purple - two of those slow down Highforge and the Bishop is irrelevant unless Ysabelle puts attack and he puts armour on the Knight. Targets are Highforge and Ysabelle, but mainly keep fuelling King.

Final room - a big King and skulls, if you can force them to cast Robber on a low skull board, then cast your Robber after them, once King is big enough, he will soak skulls and you can one shot them with skulls if i remember. So get King built up with Thief and then cast Robber after theirs, when you have 100 gold. If i remember I didn’t even need to do this. I matched a load of gems, cast King, refilled with Thief, cast him again and skulled down first troop.

Rooms, the hardest room is Xathenos, forget it. Glaycion is tough. Chessboard puzzle is fine, Nimue okay so long as you make Sea Witch your target and don’t let Siren take all it’s shots at one troop (watch for that). Goblins, nope. Not sure what else there is, oh the other Glaycion room with Snow Guardian, nope, tough, but didn’t encounter them with a full team or a Cedric bonus.


Edit actually Xathenos might work to your advantage if Grave Seer misses with it’s empowered start, but in Fell Roost for example, this room is a nightmare because Xath can 1 shot and so can Spectral Knight at 100 hoard. In COT, you may with a higher hoard, be able to survive, but in reality your best option of progression is Siren/Sea Witch or the one I had. I’m not sure if there are any others, possibly Merlion room? That would be tough, but with a big King, might be okay.

I’d fancy Siren room with a big King from Cedric as it has no skull mitigation.

Also, even if you have no Cedric room, do the delve, it helps you work the strategy.


I dont know if it help, but:

His hoard is higher than 200, Klvl 14 and for the medals probably nysha or season

Thanks a lot, @xolid99. I tried again today. Your analysis helped a lot, but my hoard needs to be higher. It’s at 155 now, and even if I had the 10% bonus from Leonis I don’t think I get thru. Maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for video @Texugo-928. My Cat Burglar only does 58 dmg, so maybe I try 3 kings again.

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Best way to beat Cedric room is this:

  1. Deprive AI of Blue and Yellow - also filling cat burglar
  2. Nick him down with Cat Burglar
  3. Only use King when Cedric is dead to ensure mana fills cat burglar

He can get 1 cast off; not two.


Yep 1 cast only. More or less what I did with added bonus of killing first purse before he cast. :slight_smile:

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When working on delves with just your 3 attempts per day, at what level did you stop trying to defeat all the rooms and just focus on beating the boss room?

I’ve noticed luck seems to change for the worse in the V rooms around level 230.

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Personally, I only do full-clears during Faction Events. Never really seems worth it, otherwise.


For me shards are at a premium so I do all rooms in daily delve where possible.

I did Fell Roost recently full clears from scratch, bar a few in event. I then resumed after event from 340 I think. I think at 440 I lost a troop to death mark first turn etc, so skipped next run as a full clear in daily and then did them all fully to 490. I skipped through 500 as room in way had Wraith and death mark on skulls. Did all of Fell Roost with Finesse, Shahbanu, Gavel and Irongut.

Generally will do full clears for all dailies, but been caught out by stuff like death mark on skull hits before, so I tend to skip lethal opponents that aren’t in the way from time to time.