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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

Yay, first try today. Was extremely lucky this time, with the Alderfather summoning Treants. Hoard Level 150/25% bonus skills. 1 Anu, 2 Aranaea medals selected.


Do you think this would have been easier with Medals of Cedric equipped? 8 attack isn’t that much compared against your existing stats from hoard and kingdom bonus. Potentially quadrupling your cleanse rate seems extremely useful when the AI can entangle your first troop almost at will.


Not much of a difference I think. Cedric medals is good, but they never seems to do me a favour when I have had them selected.

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Personally when doing this one before the faction bonuses, there were two issues.

Plain Bad luck - with too many green golems and no treants soon enough.

Treant being entangled all the time from AI Green Golem or Alderfather.

I’d suggest Cedrics are a win-win in it now, any time that entangle wears off, you can boost the attack with casts, if it’s entangled it won’t boost the attack. Same with Dark Dryad casting on it. :slight_smile:


Was this a pure struggle, or? Which team did you go with? I see someone managed it with just 100 hoard as well, jzg or what hes called.

If someone needs help on sunken fleet. Just see some tips here.

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It wasn’t that bad at all…I was quite surprised. It took me 3 sigils a day for 3-4 days before I got it. I came very close a few times too. You have to get lucky killing their strong guys with your blue-brown troop. I don’t remember my team… It was suggested much earlier in this thread. I will check if I get online later tonight and let you know when I can.

Okay, I looked back at it. My Kingdom is a 14 and my hoard is actually 175. I used the Harpy Banner–> Harpy, Harpy Mage, Bladewing, Xochi. If blade wing or Sochi die, your kinda SOL.

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What was your Necropolis Team?

Bone Golem
(Silver Banner)

As I have continued working on the Delve Super Guides, I have realized that the forum format makes continued development a hassle.

As a result, I am working on making a Delve Super Guide Google Doc. Here, the guides can be better organized (with graphics and a table of contents!), always kept up-to-date (no more editing old forum posts buried deep in a long thread!), and can be even more thorough (probably too thorough). Additionally, this provides increased transparency, and the submission of community feedback through comments.

EDIT: Check that out here! As of writing the guide now includes writeups for Amanithrax and Silver Necropolis, with more to come.


I don’t know if this has been confirmed elsewhere or if it will help anyone, but I beat Pure Faction Mirrored Halls with very minimal effort. Definitely on my list of factions to recommend to players just looking to max one with minimal investment—all this faction takes is time and patience in my experience, but victory is assured if you don’t quit the match.

The basic strategy is:

Mirror Queen
Mirror Queen

Maintain that order with your own summons, sacrifice anyone you see is about to die so that you don’t have 3 injured troops at once (thus making you vulnerable to skull cascades), and cast your Mirror Queens against the opponent’s reflect-makers. If you’re the only one who can make reflects, you simply win by attrition.

Be sure to always try to kill their strongest copycats first, so what the remaining troops summon are ever weaker as time goes on. Be sure to keep this weakening in mind for yourself, too :+1:

No video taken because I was honestly surprised to win so easily. Plus, the video would have been like an hour long :laughing:


Mirrored halls … keep resetting until you get a fenrir room. Win.

Starting my guide for Mirrored Halls next as it seems people have been having success with it.

There’s the strategy @Magnusimus cites above with two Copycats, as well as one which utilizes Doppelganger and Glass Golem. Improved durability at the start and the ability to copy an enemy unit in the second room. You also get a big stat bonus for having 4 unique troops.

There’s also a mix of both, Copy/Doppel/Copy/Queen. That’s good if there’s something you like in Room 2, if not you can swap Doppel out before starting.

Which strategy is ideal? It seems like Magnusimus didn’t even focus on the idea of copying enemy troops, which several other players have said was central to their wins.


That’s correct @EliteMasterEric.

Got tired of waiting for a good middle room to show up, so I decided to just try summon-spamming my way to victory.

Figure if I could do it, anyone can, as my endgame stats are small compared to most (still missing many mythics, limiting my kingdom power and bonus stats) :joy:

I did forget to mention my three global medals were Gaard. I do that to make my Rowanne team faster—forgot to change them to Yasmine’s prior to the delve (is there even a middle room that inflicts true damage? If not, no benefit), but I guess it didn’t matter.


Me so much :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:.


I tried 9 times Feyrie faction with all faction team level 500, but the 5% Harpy summon trait for CPU is closer to 50%. So I decided to move on and not look back.

I wonder what may have happened if the majority of GoW’s most active players had chosen to ignore the pursuit for completing high level Delves?

We are halfway in Faction releases now and it seems that FOMO/bragging rights have won, the pretty minor renown rewards and useless Faction pets have always seemed like pretty poor compensation for the hundreds of hours invested.

Meanwhile every new Faction trolls the players with increasingly harder ways to beat Delves with all Faction troops. Still only easily beatable for most if we can throw enough gems on Potions and/or gold to Hoard level.

Just a (slightly off-topic) thought… :laughing:

Thanks for replying @Magnusimus !

The ultimate conclusion I’m going to put in my write-up is: be flexible. Look at the center room carefully, determine if any of the units there are going to be significantly helpful (especially if you use Copycat to multiply it). If it is, I’d put Doppelganger in place of the 2nd slot Mirror Queen, otherwise just keep Mirror Queen there.

There are several rooms with great offensive, defensive, and utility troops (Dwarven Gate, Rock Worm, and Fenrir are just a few), but sometimes an extra source of Reflect and targeted damage is just better.

I’m writing under the assumption that the center can contain any of the Epic rooms listed on GoWDB. If it’s limited in some way, please let me know.

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Having done all of my F500’s without potions or beyond 185 hoard on HOG (pre buffs) I’ve found Frostfire Keep to be a bit more difficult than I thought. In fact there isn’t really a defined strategy to it, unless you have a mega hoard I think. In other factions, like the above HOG, you can strategise.

The main drawback being that the Frostfire King does so much damage, 135 heavy splash damage. I did it at 300 with potions up to T5 with 2 x Frostfire Wraith and 2 x Frostfire Kings. That doesn’t work really in the boss room without having herculean stats, or so it seems.

I moved to using the Troll, but ofc it’s backfire city and especially so in the boss room, that you only cast it after the AI Troll and even then 15 blue and red leaving 23 blue and red happens etc! It’s ok in middle rooms when they don’t use the colours, but it sort of never works, maybe 1:5 of you matching 4 gems.

So I tried the Hapless Witch today, on the basis that I would use it to single target kill the top troop in the easier rooms with the Wraith and selectively strike at things that are your key targets (Viper, Lady Ironbeard etc). So I got to the end room 2 of 3 unscathed today, once with a Troll, once with Witch and basically got the Wraith down, then bingo it steals 144 life and it’s as if it’s never been touched. Blam, one cast of King and one Witch and I’m done.

So, in other factions we can do certain things, Wild Court, build Wild Knight. HoG, build attack. ASE resummon. Mirrorred Halls, summon a good troop, chip, resummon. Stonesong, use Bladewing’s Lethal and so on.

This one seems to be just another one of the number bashers with Hoard, ala Dark Pits. In fact maybe it’s harder as at least with that death marks can kill.

Wondering if anyone has done it with sub 150 hoard and no potions and how? I did think maybe 3 Wraiths and 1 King and double blue, 1 yellow banner and see if you can just build them like Wild Knight. They at least are durable to skulls, do about 90 skull damage, but then again, 2 Kings gives you damage at least, albeit it’s a paper cut. Other option might be 1 Wraith and 3 Kings and go a double red banner and hope you get them firing fast.