Delve & Faction Suggestions

Well we all know that when we loose a troop we loose them… or if they jumble our teams we are stuck that way…

So why aren’t we as the players allowed to go forth to next room with our postive status effects like for instance… if we end a battle & have full mana why can we not start the next room that way… also when we kill the enemy who has cursed us with magic, the spell should be broken immediately upon that characters death…

What say you players of Gems?

It would been probably to easy. In the first room I would cast 100 times with Divinia and buff myself to 1.000 HP. So all other rooms are easy to beat then. The same can you do with Attackdamage and Armor etc.
Just imagine King Irongut. When he ate a full room at a higher level, he’s already on 1000 Armor + Hp. This would makle it too easy for the players :wink:


Well if you want to be super duper extra specially crippled by the Night Hag room I guess I can’t stop you…

Or enter the next fight with all of your troops on fire. Or all of your troops frozen. Or webbed.


If you summon a troop then you get to keep it. Otherwise all negative and positive effects do not carry over to the next match. Remember if you take the good then you’ll have to take the bad too.
Half Mana benefit could come with half life as well.

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Status effects are over when enimy is killed… so no burning, poison & such moving forward. Full mana carry over but all troops start back at normal delve level…

I can see it would take some doing… just think we get screwed up we should get a benefit too…

Right. But they aren’t over for your allies.
Essentially the issue is this.
The transformation factor in GoW was never designed to carry over after the match. Still the devs felt it necessary to include troops that can transform other troops on defense. To make the Delves more difficult. It’s entirely unfair since there’s nothing to counter transforms other than Doom troops.
The Delves were designed to be difficult for end gamers to win in. Frustratingly difficult for mid levels. And nearly impossible for beginners to complete.
That’s all well and fine.
Unfortunately, a large number of end gamers are quitting the game at a higher rate than new players are starting to play. So troops, pets and a a monthly guild event are essentially closed off from half the players in the game. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. But GoW is an amazing game at it’s base. So hopefully they figure it out eventually. Sorry for ranting away from the OP.
But I agree that the Delves are too difficult for most of the players in the game. And they need to make changes to balance more in favor of the general population. I have no issue with positive effects carrying over to the next match. I just worry that negative effects would also carry over. But that already happens with transforms. Yet if I devour a troop. I don’t get to keep the stats that come with it.