Delve Adventures


Frankly, it’s impossible to know until all your Treasures added up to 900% Quailty upgrade chance, then someone (not me, still bad at math :stuck_out_tongue:) could come up with great formula to guide you all the way with each 9 upgrades.

If you don’t want to wait, that math you quote me (that I made in the very early Delve release. :sunglasses:) in other post still hold true, confirmed by Actreal.

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Honestly, as awesome as that would be, I’m not that special of a snowflake to deserve that and also it would likely still have me want to wait for even better combinations (as in, waiting for mythic treasures exclusively), so I feel like that would be a bad course of action. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think my idea to use the treasures Faction-wise is not too bad. If I use only Chalices on one and only Sacred Treasures on another, it should spread out pretty nicely and I keep in control of what each faction will cost me if I do the same combinations over and over.

So the question(s) remain what to do with the Legendary Treasures. They were only mentioned in your post as part of that huge combination and I guess I hope someone will do the math what good combinations involving mainly them would be since they themselves can never add up evenly to 100%. So if 3x30+1x10 is better than 3x30+2x5 or if 2x30+2x20 is really the only way to go. Guess these three combinations are the ones that still interest me… but guess what, I have literally no idea how to calculate the total costs because math.


If your focus is on gold, donating Genie’s Lamb x3 with a Gold Ring - 9 times would be your best choice while keeping Quality Chance at exactly 100% with least item.

It’s closest to Sacred Treasure x2 as it could be. Although still more expensive than Genie’s Lamb x5 or Sacred Treasure x5, but those choice waste too many treasure and would take forever to wait.

As for that formula, if it exists, I could work for everyone reaching 900% Quality chance, by limiting hoard level progress, use all Tiers of Treasures in most effective way, while still keep all 9 upgrades at full 100% Quailty chance.


Alrighty, thank you so, so much! I upgraded my first hoard with my lamps and a ring now.:blush:
I’ll stick to the combinations 2x50, 3x30+1x10 and 5x20 then, working on three Factions at a time. This will keep things simple enough for me to not be confused (hopefully). Also I suppose I shall sit on the Coin Purses forever that way, but that’s fine, I like coins.


Don’t forget about donating four of King’s Crown at once! (25×4) That’s also very good and simple. Glad I could help! ^^


Oooh riiiight! Lol I don’t have any of those so somehow their existance has just slipped my mind now. I shall do that, too, then! Thanks again!:hugs:


DELVE ADVENTURES 6 (because this was a trainwreck)

Team ‘All-Seeing Eye’: Forest Troll/Loyalty/Yasmine’s Chosen/Queen Aurora
Team ‘Hall of Guardians’: Gorgotha/Infernus/Worldbreaker/Ubastet

Hall of Guardians, inside the Hoard:
Infernus: Okay, quickly now, he’s not here!
Yasmine: There, done! There’s your stuff!
Troll: Old man always appear so sudden! Scary!
Ubastet: Yes, we upgraded the hoard. Now go away. Your job is done!
Luther: …BUT…
Worldbreaker: What’s the issue, man? Also what’s wrong with you in general?
Aurora: Oh. The numbskull broke him. Not the first victim, really.
Gorgotha: That stupid “hero”, I swear… but whatever. You girls and…pet… are on break now. We do all three today and hopefully get enough to open those ten chests, then who knows, maybe we can upgrade again.
Loyalty: What, so we are out of a job now?
Ubastet: Basically! Well, have fun, ladies and wannabe-ladies, level 70 awaits again.
-Level 70 Delve starts-
Yasmine: So we just sit here now and listen to them being overconfident and fail?
Loyalty: Yup.
-Ten minutes later-
Ubastet: -from inside- Aaaaaah what are you guys do– oooooh all the Mana for me!
Everyone outside:

Ubastet: -returns, dragging the other three with him-
Yasmine: What happened?
Ubastet: That boss was horrible! But you knoooow, it happens with these guys… exploders. They’re just random. All good
Loyalty: …So much for the hoard making things easy, huh? Psh, males.
Troll: What about chest? Shiny?
Ubastet: Oh, yeah, level 4, 68 shards and nothing else.
Yasmine: Niiiiiice!
Infernus: …Owwww…
Ubastet: There, almost ready to go again.
Worldbreaker: …This was just… a one time thing… no worries.
-One minute into the second delve-
Worldbreaker: -from inside- Bulette as forced second room?! Why?!
Yasmine: Oh dear…
Infernus: -from inside- Noooo, I don’t wanna be tank!
Gorgotha: - from inside- Well, do your best and don’t faint again or I’ll tell your wife!
Ubastet: - from inside- Man, that’s cruel-- ooh, brown Mana for me!
Infernus: -from inside- What kind of friends are you?!
Troll: …Infernus has wife?
Aurora: Oh yeah. Her name is Ishbaala, they’re actually really cute together. She had her flavour text kinda match the name of his second trait and all. Ubastet is good friends with both of them.
Yasmine: Though isn’t Ishbaala technically Orpheus’ wife and also the wife of the emperor? I mean… that’s a lot of husbands.
Loyalty: Do you ever see Orpheus around? As for the emperor… no one even knows the name of Leonis’ new emperor and the desert is a pretty hot place…
Yasmine: There is no way anyone would let that dumbass govern an empire!
Infernus: -from inside- Aaaah I’m on fire!
Worldbreaker: -from inside- How does that even work?! Aren’t you always on fire?!
Everyone outside: …
-Five minutes later-

-Team returns-
Gorgotha: -drags an unconscious Infernus with him- He made a good effort, only died to the boss.
Ubastet: And I got to cast thrice!
Worldbreaker: Well, at least someone had a good time. Here’s the chest, level 5.
Troll: Bad chest! Bad! Shiny but bad!
Aurora: Well, it evened out with the first one then.
Worldbreaker: One run remaining, we’ll see.
Infernus: Owwww…I don’t really wanna, but okay…
-Ten minutes and a delve later-
Worldbreaker: And we’re back! Easy win, no issues, not even a problematic room, but…
Yasmine: The hoard upgrade made it worse?
Ubastet: We opened 10 of the portal chest thingies. Three green troops, two blue, three rings, two coin purses.
Loyalty: That’s what we worked for for three days!?
Infernus: Sure isn’t. What a day… but really, creepy old man, my head hurts, can you stop yelling and go away? Aren’t you a knight? Just return to your king or queen or whatever!
Yasmine: …Going home…or better, on vacation…

I never lost a troop before, now upgraded my hoard and all went to hell, lol.
Also the heck, chests… there should be a guaranteed shard drop, for real.
Also ten horrible portal chest openings.
All of this took me well over an hour, which sucked up all my playtime today so that I didn’t do any gnome stuff.
Yeah, what a day…
Also writing these takes me the better part of an hour, so don’t expect me to continue to do that every day (in case anyone even still likes these and isn’t fed up with them). And I am aware they are getting way too long. Novel writer’s curse, I tell you.


I still like them but, you know, can’t cut into play time :slight_smile:


DELVE ADVENTURES 7 (because Delve Event Send Help Plz)

Team ‘All-Seeing Eye’: Forest Troll/Loyalty/Yasmine’s Chosen/Queen Aurora
Team ‘Hall of Guardians’: Gorgotha/Infernus/Worldbreaker/Ubastet

Delve Event!

Loyalty: Ugh wait, we have to do this on top of the three daily delves?!
Aurora: Well, we start low, though. Should be fast in the beginning.
Yasmine: At least I think this is the only event ever happening to us, right? I mean, hopefully no one else will ever be stupid enough to raise their delve level like us, so since we are at 70, might as well participate this time. Ugh I am so tired of these delves… and of course we have to get the creepy tentacle eyeballs! Everything about this is so wrong!
Infernus: Says the one who has her vines around enemies in every way possible!
Yasmine: W-what!? How dare you!? What are you implying, you–!
Loyaly: -drags Yasmine off- Come on, he’s just grumpy because he has to sit around! Don’t let him get to you!

-After Delve Event Level 20-
Loyalty: We got a Valraven already! Now we have four more runs?!
Yasmine: Ugh…
Aurora: But hey, five minutes and 68 shards, not bad.
-After Delve Event Level 30-
Aurora: Another Valraven!
Yasmine: I don’t want to do this anymore!
-After Delve Event Level 40-
Troll: Getting harder.
Yasmine: I’m so sick of this already and we have so much left to do.
Aurora: Also takes longer and longer.
-After Delve Event Level 50-
Yasmine: I need a break!
Loyalty: Me too! Hey boys, you go and do the dailies, okay? But hurry up, this is more important because of the rewards.
Worldbreaker: Well then, off we go!

-Hall of Guardians Level 70-
Gorgotha: You know what, let’s see what happens if we just rush straight for the boss.
Ubastet: Ugh, really? Well fine. And you know what, let’s just start a delve but not finish and enter the girls and their…pet… into another as well and then the attempts are gone.
Infernus: Well, if we don’t get to blow up anything, though, then let’s at least open all the chests with the shards the girls earned.
Worldbreaker: Heh, I like that idea… especially since there’s 6900 gold in this chest and nothing else.

-Ten minutes later-
Loyalty: You guys are back already?
Infernus: Yeah, just did a quick tour today and didn’t use the attempts fully. But we opened some chests!
Aurora: Hey! We earned those shards!
Gorgotha: And to stop you from yelling, we upgraded your hoard once and ours once as well. So it’ll be faster for you now.
Yasmine: …I suppose that’s acceptable. Though I had really wished for a longer break.
Troll: Troll go in again…
-After Delve Event Level 60-
Yasmine: Let’s just hurry up. I don’t care anymore if we lose, I just want out of here! I have a headache!
Loyalty: We have so many attempts left that we would also clear level 80 and raise our actual level.
Aurora: Shall we stop then? The rewards are really, really nice, though, and easy to get.
Yasmine: …You know what? There’s a new faction coming soon. And the boys are the ones running the daily attempts anyway, right? Let’s… let’s just do this. It will be the last time we are doing this! Let us make this our swansong! We don’t have to care anymore!
Ubastet: What happened to wanting to stop? But hey, go ahead.
Troll: Troll bad at singing, though…

-Delve Event Level 70-
Yasmine: -suddenly stops- Hey… something else just occured to me. If we lose, our Delve level does not rise.
Aurora: That… is actually true.
Troll: Or we just leav–
Yasmine: Hahaha! That means we cannot truly lose! If we clear, we get more rewards! If we lose, the levels stays! We have won either way! We can fully stop caring and not even check rooms before going in! Let’s just rush!
Loyalty: …Uhm…that’s kinda…crazy?
Aurora: Also there are Dust Devils ahead.
Yasmine: Why care? We have won!
Troll: Yasmine scary…
-Five minutes later-
Loyalty: -from inside- Guuuuuys?!
Infernus: Yes?
Loyalty: -from inside- Yasmine kinda snapped, any help?
Ubastet: Huh, she… snapped? Mental breakdown from overworking?
Gorgotha: -looks in- …Uh…

Yasmine: -from inside- Yes, come at me! I shall slay you all and return you to the earth! Thus is the way of the dryads! Hahaha!
Worldbreaker: Did she just clear that room without letting the Goblins have a single turn?!
Infernus: And now she walks on like she owns the place…
Worldbreaker: That’s…actually really cool. That’s how a mythic should be!
-After Delve Event Level 70-
Yasmine: We brought destruction! Let’s go again!
Infernus: Uh, you okay there?
Yasmine: We have almost reached the second-to-last reward! We shall continue!
Aurora: I am worried about you…
Worldbreaker: Nothing wrong with destruction!
-After Delve Event Level 80-
Yasmine: Look at that! Only one event reward left and we are on the leaderboard!
Loyalty: I cannot believe you running around like crazy without thinking is actually working out…
Troll: Troll on Leaderboard?! Also why we not just run aw–
Yasmine: In we go!
Gorgotha: …You’re out of attempts.
Yasmine: To the shop!
Everyone: -stares-
Aurora: We never buy from the shop! Waste of gems!
Yasmine: We will get this orb! It is the only event we shall ever do and we cannot lose! Our swansong, remember?!
Ubastet: Losing gems counts… also it will just be another useless orb of clans anyway.
Yasmine: -already bought the tier- In we go!

-Delve Event Level 90-
Troll: Uggh…
Loyalty: -faints-
Yasmine: We are winning!
Aurora: Troll and Loyalty just fainted in the first battle! It’s just the two of us now!? You are crazy! We are not winning; if you want the orb we need to win the battles!
Yasmine: Let’s continue then and find more fools to return to the earth of the forest!
Worldbreaker: -dragged Troll and Loyalty out- Dang, Yasmine is actually awesome! She just cleared two more rooms just with Aurora. Isn’t even going for the boss directly or anything, but doing the full clear.
Loyalty: Someone needs to knock her out…ow… she’s gone crazy.
Ubastet: I really wanted her to be more chill, but this is pretty wrong.
Worldbreaker: Honestly I think it’s cool. …Do you think she might want to go for a drink after this is over?
Ubastet: Wha-- what the heck, dude?! While it’s important to find a girl who can murder everyone in a second, it’s also important that this does not potentially include you! And if she also spares your friends, then she is a keeper - but not like that! That’s also why no one ever dates the chicks from Karakoth!
Worldbreaker: Alright, alright…
Loyalty: If you ever get a girlfriend, Ubastet, maybe just don’t introduce me to her.
Infernus: Your friend in there is right now murdering everyone as well.
Aurora: -from inside- Hey guuuuuuys! Yasmine just fainted! I think I have an issue…

Gorgotha: -glances in- And that’s the first wipe. Can’t really believe it’s them and not us, given how much we always suck at the boss…

-Ten minutes later-
Yasmine: -gets up- Let’s go in again!
Aurora: I had hoped you would have snapped out of it! Dangit, let’s stop!
Troll: Why we not run?! Listen to Troll! We not lose! Just stop at boss!
Aurora: You are smart, Troll!
Troll: Yaaaay!
Yasmine: …Very well! Then let us bring destruction again that way! - just runs in-
Ubastet: She’ll just continue to run through without looking, won’t she?

-Three Delves ended before the boss later-
Yasmine: Behold, an Orb of Wisdom! And another Valraven slain! But we have fallen on the leaderboard to rank 90 and were close to the tier with the weapon, so I bought them and–
Loyalty: I just checked the leaderboard! We are not at rank 90! That’s the Delve Level, not our rank, you moron! You’re totally out of it! I’m not doing five more runs with you!
Yasmine: We shall–
Luther: -knocks Yasmine out with a rock- YOU SHALL REST AND UPGRADE YOUR HOARD TOMORROW!
Gorgotha: Did you just… well, that’s likely for the best. But shouldn’t you, of all guys, be all for getting more shards?
Infernus: Oh right, you travelled with the hero and that nutcase from that place, didn’t you? So you knocked them out a lot like that?
Aurora: That explains a few things about you… but fair enough. -lets Loyalty load Yasmine on her back- We’ll take her back to the forest. Hopefully she’ll be back to normal tomorrow.
Troll: Poor Yasmine need sleep. Just like Troll…
Worldbreaker: -watches them go- It’s a good thing we didn’t tell them that we signed them up for a Delve tomorrow, I guess… though I kinda hope that she stays this way; she’s really kinda–
Ubastet: … -knocks Worldbreaker out as well- All the crazies today.
Luther: I KNOW, RIGHT?
Infernus: We leave the last one awake?
Gorgotha: Hm.
Luther: ?

So I got home with a horrible migraine yesterday at 11pm and then saw the event. At 2am I was still not done and just totally…zoned out, despite just having wanted to stop before. Only when looking at the leaderbord after I had done all attempts and was at level 80 did it occur to me that I could have just dang left, especially since I don’t have a hoard upgrade giving extra chest levels yet. But of course I was too dumb to realize that.

Also yeah, I really read the leaderboard wrong. I was so, so tired and dumb and just in a total trance.

That said, having started the daily delves but not finished them and therefore having done five today, which again took an hour, I must say I am getting severe burnout and this feels like a big chore. I can only hope that with not leveling the next faction and it being faster, things get better again. In the end, I’m obviously still struggling with understanding the absolute basic mechanics, lol.

Also, given my two teams, the Hall of Guardian one is struggling a LOT more. I’ve almost-died several times at the boss, with only one troop with very little HP remaining. And I did upgrade my hoard two more times for the place now. Exploders just get pretty risky at high levels, offering the enemy too many 4-matches.

And I’m also super-tired now, given how I played until 3:30am last night and ugggh why did I even do that and spent those darn gems? I ended the event with five unused sigils because I bought the stupid weapon I will never use anyway but that murder zone despite being only half awake… gosh.:see_no_evil:

Overall, I found the event really, really generous with rewards, given how far one can get with just Valravens. And now having learned that I will at least be able to participate in the next one simply by running away at level 20, even if that means less rewards, is actually really nice. Still, just letting us select our delve levels completely freely or having the event not influence the actual normal delve levels would be even nicer.

Also delves feel like a chore at high levels, but the game obviously wants you to get to high levels. This is… somehow not good. I don’t like it when something in a game feels like it’s a chore you have to do to progress every day.

Last note: I got with today’s delves enough shards to open 40 chests. Got four hoard upgrades total now, as well as finally all troops from Hall of Guardian. About darn time, that legendary just hated me.

Not proofreading this right now, sorry. Need a break, will check for bad grammar and typos later.
But yeah, also thank you for still liking these silly things here!:hugs:


My plan for Crypt Keepers was to be smart like a troll and run away. But like Yasmine I just rushed in and killed the boss. Now my new farming faction is delve level 30.


I think that’s actually okay, though. Once your hoard quality level is high enough that you get free chest upgrades at the end, you would have had to kill the boss in the “normal”/daily level 20 anyway, which would have set you to 30. Unless I’m mistaken (which is very likely, actually - someone correct me, please), the free chest upgrades should be worth a lot more than the higher treasure multiplier you would get if you would forever run from level 20.

I’m still struggling with finding a good team - at low level, it’s completely okay to not have a tank in front, so I’ve tried Ragnagord/Infernus/Worldbreaker/Ubastet for the event, which works okay but takes longer than it really needs to be because of the high Mana requirements. I tested Carnex/Green Seer/Yasmine/Aurora for the daily attempts first, which sucked, then replaced Carnex with Asha (which sucked even more, too much color block) and then simply put Green Seer on top and Suna behind Yasmine, which was completely okay but it’s still slow without Forest Troll. Will try Rock Troll today for double-convert, but I fear it will break the green loop too much. If nothing helps, I will just test my usual PVP and pet rescue team (Deep Borer/Ragnagord/Infernus/Highforge), which will work perfectly alright, but for the sake of writing here, I would love to stick to less new characters. Gotta figure this out…

If anything, this shows me how dumb I have been to level All-Seeing Eye and Hall of Guardians since I could use my established, well-functioning teams there. Now I’m struggling with random replacements. :confused:


Yes, but moving up eventually creates harder enemies which means eventually you have to fight for your higher quality loot.

Non-event 3 times a day delving, I believe you have the luxury to replay the same floor level at 1x paired with the higher quality bonuses isn’t that bad of a penalty.


That the event requires you to run away once you reach the boss is true, yeah. But I was indeed talking about the daily delves. I feel that once you hit quality 7 (+2 chest levels), sacrificing the 2x multiplier and clearing the level 20 delve in the daily is worth it.

For those waiting for the new Delve Adventures (if there’s even such a person): It’ll definitely take time. I don’t even know where to begin since I have tried out so many teams for the delve event. If you are here for quality team discussion instead of weird storylines, here’s the teams I tested, in order (you can see the evolution):

1) Carnex/Green Seer/Yasmine/Aurora - Nope. No exploder for Yasmine.

2) Ragnagord/Infernus/Worldbreaker/Ubastet - Works, but too slow for level 20; these guys needs lots of Mana.

3) Asha/Green Seer/Yasmina/Aurora - Nope. Double-colorblock for Yasmine and only-blue convert are bad.

4) Green Seer/Yasmine/Suna/Aurora - Now we’re talking. Much better. FF helps with Yasmine killing.

-At this point it occured to me that using Yasmine when the Crypt troops convert green is bad and that I already have Suna in there, which reminded me of her daughter.-

5) Titania/Ragnagord/Suna/Aurora - Really good, but Aurora not being red and me not needing the extra life in a level 20 delve made me want to replace her. As I also ran into the issue of Titania getting webbed a lot, I decided to try something else.

6) Titania/Ragnagord/Suna/Voice of Orpheus - Bad idea. Relying on yellow to cleanse when every skull hit webs Titania again is just stupid. Especially since I need red/purple to win fast. At this point, I decided I don’t need four red troops.

7) Flame Troll/Titania/Ragnagord/Suna - Titania being colorblocked and one less red troop is not great. Flame Troll is worse than Forest Troll in my Yasmine-team since Yasmine has three colors while Titania has only two. Still, this is a huge improvement as Titania is safe from web. However, Ragnagord isn’t doing anything anymore.

8) Flame Troll/Titania/Sunbird/Suna - Sunbird makes his appearance and is doing great despite being colorblocked. During my first run with this team, I got double-shuffled with Sunbird then on top. Sunbird cannot oneshot the later teams, once stats have accumulated, but in this team, a shuffle is not bad at all - Troll can always be filled with blue, no matter where he is, Titania back on top is okay as long as there’s no web, Suna can become a tank and Sunbird is a good Titania-substitute. At level 20, this is great.

9) Flame Troll/Titania/Sunbird/Infernus - A test of mine because I wanted to see if a storm helps, but in the end, my goal is to one-shot all enemies anyway and Suna adding more FF is borderline neccessary for Titania to one-shot, especially since not every enemy team comes with lots of red troops.

So in the end, my current team is Flame Troll/Titania/Sunbird/Suna, but I do wanna try Lord Ember - I had forgotten he even existed until I saw him on the enemy lineup turning gems red.

But yeah, that’s my team evolution (and to give people an idea what I would have to write for my Delve Adventures, eeeep…).


Good news! My Crypt delve level in the actual faction (not the event) is still 20. :smiley:

Not that 30 was bad, I was just disappointed at the mistake and slightly slower farming for a month.

I don’t know if it’s because I did no Crypt daily delves before the event, or we can just get away with a single time killing the event boss for delve level 30 without changing the daily delve level, or maybe a single level higher than the daily delve level is ok, or maybe something has changed.

You can kill the boss in daily delves and then start the next daily delve at the same level. The penalty is you get a starting x1 treasure multiplier instead of x2.

In the faction event, killing the boss does raise the delve level.

At crypt level 20-30 I’m using pyggra / weaver / tesla / ragnagord. The daily delves including the boss and chest took 7 1/2 minutes each.

With weak enemies and a redundant team, I don’t have to fuss too much with enemies that devour or transform.


In the one-day event, it only changed once the event was over. You might still be in for a bad surprise on Monday, but I hope you luck out.

That’s not bad. I can do the event in 5-6 minutes without boss with my current team. I don’t think it gets much faster than that; there’s just a certain time you always need. I’d say anything around 7 minutes or less is really good.


That makes sense.

If I get a Suna, I’ll try it out. The level 20 dailies before entering the boss room took me 6 1/4 minutes. Pyggra etc team above.


You don’t really need Suna; Suna is a nice addition for her third trait. As long as you have Titania and three other, red troops, you should be fine. Ragnagord on top to prevent Titania from getting webbed, then Titania, then whoever (Lord Ember, someone with the trait to get extra Mana from red gem matches, any random red troop really…). Titania can FF by herself and I tend to clear around 80% of the matches in one shot with her, with three red troops, so if you take four in there and your Titania’s stats are close to mine, you should be good as well.


Thanks. Tried a couple versions in explore using Flame Troll or Ragnagord, with Titania and 2 more red. Just got Titania recently and don’t have the traitstones for faerie fire yet, and without it so far I like the Pyggra team better. Maybe will try again when she’s traited.


For the delve event, I’m running Alchemist, Hellcat, Queen Titania and Megavore, lantern banner :+1:


Still 20!

Someone in another thread mentioned their delve moving up to 160 from level 20, so mine being 20 is probably not big news. I only raised to 30 in the event. And I’m not sure you can even get away with that unless you do some unknown important steps exactly as I did.

I played one Crypt daily delve at 20 today and after that, my delve choices are still blank, 20 at x1, 30 at x2.


20 is the expected result if I were paying more attention. Explained here by Mithran: Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!