Delve Adventures

(This is part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7)

Team ‘All-Seeing Eye’: Forest Troll/Loyalty/Yasmine’s Chosen/Queen Aurora
Team ‘Hall of Guardians’: Gorgotha/Infernus/Worldbreaker/Ubastet

Yasmine: Well, this should be easy. With all the lifegain, no one here will die for sure.
Aurora: And we are a well-established team as well. We know what we are doing.
-One minute later-
Loyalty: These blocks are the worst!
Troll: Block go away! Troll want loop! Loop!
Yasmine: This is nonsense!
Worldbreaker: What are they screaming about over there?
Infernus: Dunno, something about blocks?
Gorgotha: Isn’t everything here made of blocks?
-Everyone looks around while standing on the rubble of Gorgotha’s explosions-
Ubastet: I didn’t see any special blocks…?
Loyalty: I…I think it will do it!
-Enemy explodes blocks-
Yasmine: -Loops and kills it- There we go~! Nice guy!

Yasmine: Would you just please diiiiiieeee?! -Can’t hit the submerged Coral Golem- There isn’t even water here! Go away!
Troll: -is entangled-
Loyalty: Clearing that room was a mistake…
Aurora: On the other hand, we all have 800 life and won’t die…
Yasmine: But neither will this thing and this is a Level 20 Delve!
Ubastet: You know, I would like some Mana…like, any Mana.
Worldbreaker: Not just you…
Gorgotha: Stop complaining, I’m not even getting enough to loop myself!
Infernus: This is stupid…

Yasmine: Well, we got some shards and ingots and gold. Opened two portals, got a ring and one new troop.
Infernus: That’s what we got. Lots of ingots, actually, but only few shards. Opened one portal, got a ring.
Loyalty: So we have two rings for all this work?
Troll: Ingots!
Aurora: The ingots are for that moron human that never sees any action anyway. Though I suppose the weapons will have some use for the kingdoms as well…but this indeed seemed…a bit unproductive and it will likely get worse on the higher levels.
Ubastet: What blocks were there, though? We didn’t see any blocks? -Points at the destroyed Hall of Guardians- Unless you mean the stuff the buildings were made of?
Yasmine: …Going home, bye, see you later!

Luther: HEY YOU GUYS WHY DON’T YOU WANNA UPGRADE YOUR HOARD!? I will show up and yell at you about it until you do!
Ubastet: …Hmm, I’m hungry…
Aurora: Be my guest…
Luther: I KNOW YOU ONLY HAVE TWO LITTLE RINGS BUT–ooh, nice kitty…uuh…

Honest opinion:

  • Making exploders necessary is horrible and surprisingly limits team compositions quite a bit, depending on color.
  • I hate the exploder nerf.
  • I hate how very little treasure I get compared to how long delves take. Compared to dungeons, I feel I get a lot more out of doing a 30-seconds-dungeon compared to a 15-minute Delve.
  • Plz shut up Luther I do not want to upgrade my hoard until I have the treasures to do so.

@Saltypatra is this canon?


This! Please!
Characters i hate the most: Kevin from Final Space and Luther.


I very much enjoy stories with my explanations. I give this post 11/10.

My team was Celestasia, Yao Guai, Arachnean Weaver, Mountain Crusher Hero. It had a good pace and did the job. I felt the mana nerf with the extra turns it took to get going, but I understand why it’s here. Things were just out of control.


More Delve adventures!
Level 40 Delve, Team ‘All-Seeing Eye’: Forest Troll/Loyalty/Yasmine’s Chosen/Queen Aurora

-Everyone gets pushed around by Dust Devil-
Loyalty: I hate shuffles!
Yasmine: At least this is just an easy battle.

-Starts with shuffled Yasmine on top-
Yasmine: …?!
Aurora: Wait, it stays this way!?
Troll: Yasmine down! Troll in front! You die! Then we die! Only Yasmine make things dead!
Yasmine: I know! Get me down!
Loyalty: I don’t think there are more Dust Devils around… uhmm…we’ll keep you alive? W-We’re good at that.
Aurora: Except Troll is colorblocked now and so, we will all get less Mana.
Yasmine: I hate everything!

Loyalty: We’re doing okay!
Yasmine: Yeah, but did no one think that picking the battle that gives enemies the ability to web upon skull damage is kinda dumb when your only attacker is at the top?!
Aurora: Well, yes, but you know, the other team cleared the Level 40 Delve with all rooms cleared and we already kinda look bad compared to them, so… I’m sure it will be fine?
Yasmine: Nothing is fine here! I want to go home!

Yasmine: I! AM! WEBBED!
Troll: Yasmine still do 20 damage! It okay! Enemies still weak!
Aurora: This…is really stressful, though.
Yasmine: Oh really, what gave you that idea?!
Loyalty: Wow, you’re really cranky now…

Loyalty: We can see that! It’s the last battle, come on, we are almost done!
-Ten seconds later-
Yasmine: ?!?! I AM DEATHMARKED!?
Loyalty: …Oh crap.

Ubastet: They keep screaming over there…
Infernus: Ha, ha, stupid girls and their troll! …Let’s just not tell them that Gorgotha almost died today in the last battle from being silenced and none of us really gaining any Mana anyway.
Worldbreaker: Agreed…

(Somehow I made it out with all troops alive, but Dust Devil in Delve sucks really badly, don’t be fooled by low difficulty matches, thing was in the easiest one!)


I actively avoid matches with Bulette and Dust Devil given the option. Maybe as the penultimate battle. It’s just not worth having to go through the rest of the Delve out of order.

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There’s also Leviathan in the bunch - in fact, the Merlantis team is already obnoxious enough with Coral Golem, but Leviathan is a huuuuge issue in itself.

Admittedly I didn’t even check what the battle was before starting since it was the easiest difficulty one, but even if I had, I would have still kinda have to pick it since sadly, unlike Hall of Guardians, I wouldn’t have had much room access if I hadn’t taken it. I would have been unable to pick any of the two battles after it if I had avoided it, cutting me three battles short.

Delve really feels weird. The enemies don’t have much life yet (though it’s getting to the point where it gets tough), but the whole delve system just makes the fights so obnoxious - the blocks, the room layouts and some of the enemy teams and their punishments.

I also feel “not being reward enough”. I really don’t like that the rewards can be golds, souls or glory…

Not sure how great it is to upgrade the Delve chest… Maybe it’s better to do the 1st battle and then leave :stuck_out_tongue: .

And the difficulty seems quite high. No way that new players can do anything there…

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The more upgrade the better it get I think it’s that way though it’s a long grind perhaps but overall I’m liking the rewards I tend to do all battle clear the room first.

DELVE ADVENTURES 3 (because I don’t know what I’m doing)

Team ‘All-Seeing Eye’: Forest Troll/Loyalty/Yasmine’s Chosen/Queen Aurora
Team ‘Hall of Guardians’: Gorgotha/Infernus/Worldbreaker/Ubastet

Hall of Guardians, Level 60:
Ubastet: This is getting tough by now - mainly because we need more Mana…
Infernus: Look, you’re staying in fourth spot and that’s that! Shut up about the Mana already!
Ubastet: Easy for you to say, you get to kill stuff!
Worldbreaker: Oh, you both shut up! You start sounding like the silly screaming girls and their troll over in the other Faction.
Infernus: Just Ubastet, who keeps complaining about–
Gorgotha: Okay, you all be quiet now. Look there. -points at next battle- …Giant Toadstool.
Worldbreaker: So if shuffles stay… do transformations stay?
Ubastet: …I don’t like this. But…we’re not silly girls skipping a room, are we?

Meanwhile, All-Seeing Eye, Level 50:
Aurora: …? Did you hear that? What’s going on over there?
Loyalty: …Heh. Sounds like the four wannabe-cool-dudes screaming like little girls in front of a mushroom.
Yasmine: You know, that is actually a really scary thing, if transformations stick, but…haha!

Hall of Guardians, End:
Infernus: Level 4 chest…really now?!
Gorgotha: All that work, the stupid toadstool, the stupid Bulettes and we did it all for… a Level 4 chest!?
Worldbreaker: Meh, it’ll be better tomorrow.
Ubastet: No way we’re going a level deeper. We barely made it!
Worldbreaker: That or we start skipping rooms like little girls… well, let’s see how the girls do before we decide.

All-Seeing Eye, second to last battle:
Troll: Bulette! We do this? Troll no want to back!
Yasmine: Yeah, we learned yesterday, didn’t we?
Loyalty: But do we want to not-do every room? Unless the mushroom ate the not-cool dudes, I bet they cleared everything. Also we already have a Level 5 chest. That’s pretty decent!
Aurora: …Let’s try. The Bulettes don’t need green Mana. As long as we can spam fast, we win.
-One won battle later-
Yasmine: We did it! Such stress! But look! -carries Level 6 chest- Just the boss and we have a Level 7 one!
Aurora: No way the boys beat that!
Troll: We gonna win! Boss first! Then chest!
Loyalty: Let’s do our best!
-Another won battle later-
Yasmine: Finally! After the horror that was yesterday, a wonderful day today! Look at this beauty!
Troll: Chest so shiny now! Open! Look at stuff!
Loyalty: This is exciting!
Aurora: Come on, open it up already!
Yasmine: Okay, here it is!

Yasmine: That…looks really…bad?
Aurora: The shards are nice, but… where are the dozen ingots? Do I have wrong expectations by now or something?
Troll: Gold shiny?
Yasmine: …Going home…

Aurora: Can we just entangle and rob this guy? Maybe we can then upgrade our hoard and he shuts up.
Yasmine: Ew, my roots won’t touch that one, Ubastet already nibbled on him. Gross!
Luther: COME ON GUYS! PLEASE?! …I’m so lonely…

  • Seriously, I have no idea if transformations stick because I didn’t do my research.
  • Is anyone else struggling with level 60 and not wanting to go deeper before a hoard levelup, which I still cannot do because I don’t have anything good?
  • Is this level 7 chest as crappy as I think it is or is it actually really good because of the amount of shards? I seriously cannot tell.

Bad and I thought I hate it bad…

My best chest today was Chest level 6 with only 107 Chaos shards

I guess the gold has value lol

Edit 1: reading the 1st post, I don’t mind the blocks with no exploders. Normally Doomskull matches eventually take care of them!

Edit 2: Give Forest Troll, Green Seer, Yasmine’s Chosen, Queen Aurora (Summer Banner) a try for Hall of Guardians. Pretty much the same as my other old team, less life, more green.


Ah crap, haha, I figured I was unlucky… oh well. Stupid RNG.

As for the blocks, I don’t mind the layout in Hall of Guardians (even if I wouldn’t have an exploder… or three), but in All-Seeing Eye they are obnoxious. Sadly, the Doomskulls don’t do much for me since they get turned into green Mana usually before they can be matched.

Interesting idea, I might try that in case it keeps getting more and more difficult for the Mana-greedy guys. Though I couldn’t write such nice storylines then anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: I do think Yasmine is much better suited for HoG indeed, though. Far easier to loop there. Thanks so much, I actually wouldn’t have thought of that! :smiley:

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Transformations do stick. I can relate to your story as Uba was converted into a toadstool and it carried to the next battle :sweat_smile:


Oh gosh, thank you for confirming it… this makes my worst fears come true; so not just are Dust Devils and Bulettes a menace, but there’s a far worse issue around…:scream:

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Unless they block your way to the boss, ignore transformation and dragging troops. Also, I hate that you often get gold and very little shards from delves… not fun but I love these adventures since it sounds just about right.


I tend to have the Bulettes block the one mandatory battle in Hall of Guardians (the IV one in the middle of the big hall which opens up everything else) so I couldn’t escape that one. At least in Hall of Guardians, it’s otherwise easy to skip a room, but in All-Seeing Eye you might miss out on three rooms if the first in the upper path is a Dust Devil team… I had the Bulettes in All-Seeing Eye in the direct path in the middle as well today and cleared the bottom path to the boss instead, leaving the Bulettes for last once I knew what exactly I had piled up on me from all other battles already.
But yeah Transformations are now my worst fear, I guess…
And thanks!:grinning: Glad you like them, I have fun writing them.:blush:

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I got a level 7 chest too, and my reward was pretty similar, gold and shards… I was so disappointed I didn’t take a screenshot :sweat_smile:

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I would gladly trade ingots for shards. I don’t have so many weapons that need upgrading, but I have two Hoards that desperately do!


Me too! I would happily smash those Mythic ingots if each one of them can give 20 chaos shards. Only when I reach Quailty level 10, then I would consider keeping them for their actual use.

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Hear hear! I would trade mythic ingots for 25 shards and legendary for 15 (based on the approximate frequency I get out of the Delve chests). (This might be a bit too high, actually. Point stands that I would love a Soulforge recipe that let me trade ingots+souls for Chaos Shards.)