Delve Adventures


I want to share a story of my second account’s first delve. It’s a low-ish level account (about level 80) with decidedly limited team options. I went to Hall of Guardians with Hero/Valkeyrie/Leviathan/Ishbala.

It was going sort of ok until the Witches’ Coven. My Leviathan turned to a frog. I didn’t have anything that dealt proper damage anymore (the hero was already dead, I think). Somehow that fight finished on Valkyrie smashing people with skulls.

I tried the boss fight, and it turned out the frog was actually useful to take the first silencing-on-skull-damage troop out of the way. Valkyrie skull-smashed the three other troops, but ended up dying, leaving me with a frog and Ishbala against the legendary. Of course, the frog got silenced at every skull. And the legendary kept getting more life just as the frog managed to skull it into single digits.

I should’ve taken a screen shot of the moment the legendary had 1 HP and the frog matched a skull.
Delve level 20 was the most intense battle I’ve ever had in that game. And it was won by a frog with 7 HP.


That frog transformation is situationally useful such as shoving someone else in front of Silent Sentinel since it sucks otherwise. Oh and, a transformation counts as a death so no perfect delve… Usually paired with Bulette Lair.


For farming Crypt at level 20, I’m liking Ragnagord / Titania / Teraxxis / Merilith with banner from Crypt Keepers.


For level 20 delve farming: i’m using 1 of 2 decks
MC/ragnagord/weaver/grave seer
Cause weaver just kills everything except goblin kings
And azura/ragnagord/weaver/forian
Azura’s explosions are unaffected by web, since it explodes all blue.
weaver cause weaver
florian for Nature’s death.


Just gonna let you guys know that I love reading your team suggestions and also stories!:blush:
I’m still farming Crypt with my team from above - the Lord Ember test was cancelled due to me not having Lord Ember; he’s the one troop I ever forgot to buy from the Glory Shop because “Ah I can do that tomorrow” ended up in the week being over and me not still having bought him despite having more than enough Glory…:sweat:

Anyway, Delve Adventures will be written - I unfortunately am not here much right now because of me stupidly injuring myself so that sitting is painful right now. But they will be written - I already made some notes. Maybe it will be the last Delve Adventures, though, since right now I am only running Crypt and nothing really interesting happens anymore. :confused:


For level 20 Crypt Keeper:


Easy to fill Valkyrie, and one Bat cast wipes almost everything. If you have a moral objection to Ishbaala, fine, use Queen Titania to pretty much guarantee a Bat kill on anything or Azura because blue and splosions, but you will lose the 40% start on Valkyrie that often gets her ready turn 1.