Deleting save data

I don’t exactly know where I should categorized this so I’m putting it here and hope someone will have the answer for me. I haven’t played Gems of War in many months now so I’m trying to delete the save data and restart my game from the beginning. But anything I know I can do doesn’t seem to be working. I have the game on the Nintendo Switch, and to delete the save data for any game you are asked to go to the system data and manually delete it there. I have done that and even reinstalled the game afterwards but it still puts me back to where I was before attempting to delete it. How do I completely restart my game from the beginning??

There’s no benefit to starting over what so ever.

That being said. Your Gems of War account is linked to your Nintendo Switch account and it’s cloud synced. If you want to start completely fresh then you’ll need to create a new Nintendo switch account.

That’s pretty unfortunate, but thank you for the answer all the same!

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