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Reboot my account to level 1 (restart saved data on server - online)

Reboot my account to level 1 (restart saved data on server - online)

Good afternoon.

I installed GOW (Gems Of War) on my PS4, through the PlayStore. I played for a while and enjoyed the game. However, I decided to restart all of my progress in the game, as I learned some things I had been doing wrong. First I tried to do this by uninstalling the game and deleting the data saved on my system (PS4). However, when he reinstalled the PlayStore game, he automatically returned to the level where he had stopped. So I would like to be able to delete my progress from the servers (online) so I can play GOW starting with the tutorial (level 1).

can anybody help me? I do not know how to contact the right support area directly from the game.

Thank you.

Hello @Sabeto, please contact our support here so we can help you. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Stytypatra. I have already contacted the support and I am waiting for feedback from those responsible.

OK. This is not a RPG. You don’t really need to reset all your progress, Nor can you make many mistakes. Perhaps the ONLY exception is to disenchant troops. NEVER EVER do it unless you fully understand what you are doing and why.

I don’t know what you think you did wrong, but after a bit of play you’ll find any mistakes are minor.

Good Luck.

Hi Strat,

You’re right. I have already contacted GOW Support and we are resolving this issue.

Anyway thanks for the tips and attention.