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How to restart the game on Switch?

I would like to restart my game on the Switch from the tutorial with a new character.

I tried deleting the game’s save data but that did not work. Deleting and re-installing the game didn’t work either.

How do I do this?

How about making a new switch profile? (Not a new Nintendo profile)
That’s what I did with Zelda after I took a break for too long and wanted to start fresh.
That worked so I assume the same here.

I created a new Switch user, but when I started GOW, and selected the new user, it insisted that I link it to a Nintendo Account.

I am not going to go through the hassle of creating a new account.

Why are you trying to restart? There’s not much that you can do with a new account that you haven’t already done first time round?

Well Nintendo accounts are free. And you’re actually going to a bigger hassle trying to find a different way than taking 5 minutes to make a new one of those (assuming you already have an alternate email address. 10 minutes if you don’t. :grinning:)
Also, I’m sure this isn’t an issue exclusive to Switch.
Plus this will mean you can have both accounts.

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I feel like there’s some way in the menus to clear your account-related data. Odds are if the saves are linked to your Nintendo Account that’s the place. Close the game and on the home screen check all the UI text. I think + brings up game-specific options.

Probably something like this:

I want to restart because I just blew through the initial introduction without really understanding what was going on so I would like to start over so I can take the learning opportunity a bit more seriouslu.

I will probably end up doing this.

I submitted a support ticket on this. I will post the response when/if I receive a reply.

Deleting the save data on my Switch does not delete my game in GOW.

They are syncing to their own cloud server.

Ah ok, fair enough I suppose. To be honest though, you probably haven’t missed much - the tutorial is very basic (it only explains that you need to match 3, or 4 or more for an extra turn & how to fill your mana / cast a spell).
The rest you usually figure out by yourself (or even better, with your guild).
There are plenty of good guides out there, plus plenty of help on this forum & it seems a shame to lose any progress that you’ve already made is the point I think most of us were trying to make.


There is a beginner’s guide floating around this forum for update 4.6