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Defeats out of no where

So… During this event, I apparently got two defeats.
I got a first one on Tuesday wich, I thought was due to a RQ on Monday as the loss showed up something like 24 hours later, but I just got another one for no apparent reason (didn’t quite ever since, won all my battles, at worst I got a connection problem preventing me from even starting the battle).

So… Some insight might help me figure it out : are quitters considered looser only 24 hours after? Because I do remember my network freezing at some point yesterday that might explain it…

If it’s the case, then comes a question : why? Quitting in arena is immediatly detected and punished, why not in PvP?

My understanding is the server only gets pinged every so often ( of sure of the exact timing) and wins/losses show up at that time. I could be wrong, though.

I have had the same problem @Zelarith

It also happened to me a few times when I had connection problems. This connection problem bug seems to convert every click on trying to re-connect as a loss!

Then I am forced to Alt-F4 to start GoW again this happened three times. Each time after I made multiple clicks to re-connect - unsuccessfully.

I have not lost a game with my attack team.

I appeared to have lost 5 Games, in the beginning, yet nothing was shown in the log. AND NO GAME WAS BEING PLAYED when I had the connection problem.

The connection problems happened immediately after I selected an opponent to play and before the fight board/screen appears. I made a note that the first time it happened I was trying to view my opponents troops. Couldn’t view because I couldn’t connect. Had to Alt-F4 - treated as a loss.

The next time it happened was in the same situation as above. Not yet started the battle, connection problem. Hit the reconnect about 8 or 9 times, Unsuccessful. Alt-F4’d and board shows me having 9 Losses!

Total losses = 19 broken swords. 3 were Alt-F4 the rest are connection click bug.

same I only had 2 loss I think all the sudden shows 7 and I had a re- connect thing happen multiple times right before hand and finally just left game and rentered as never wanted to finally connect to battle.

think @Bludax hit the nail on the head there.