Daughters of Orion

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Here comes trouble, and make it double.

New Epic: Anthea

The two daughters of Orion are as different as night and day.

Anthea is the younger daughter - a Centaur who loves nature, in particular the flowers from which she takes her name. She is often seen by the tribes of the Divinion Fields running wild and free, enjoying the smell of the trees, and the feel of the long grass as it brushes against her fetlocks. Upon occasion, in Spring, she will visit small tribal villages, bearing herbal blooms and medicinal plants, which she gives away freely to all in need.

New Legendary: Artema

Artema on the other hand, the older daughter, loves war. Seldom seen without a lance in her hands, the local tribes shy away from her, believing it is bad luck if she crosses their path. Unlike Anthea, when Artema enters your village, it is to recruit warriors, and they are seldom seen again!

Artema will be available only in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem, Glory, Guild, and VIP chests in 4 weeks’ time.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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What dispel all Enemies mean exactly?

Arthema look interesting

Not 100% sure, but possibly take away all their positive status effects.


Now there is a card that actually would work against Famine then???

I don’t know.

How? From what I’d assume it would dispel Enchant and Barrier (and Berserk). Famine doesn’t really deal in these?

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I believe Dispel removes buffs like Barrier, Enrage, and Enchant.


Yup i think i saw nihman talk about it and it’s what she said

Necrezza is in the game already, and has the Dispel effect and tool-tip. Now why would people need to resort to speculations?


Good catch yonis!

I am excited for this week! :grin:

If only i had farmed 6 more arcanes for oracle class :disappointed:

She isn’t in the game for some of us… Yet anyway.

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I just hope Artema has been tone down since we first saw her numbers, 'cause we do not need that in the game lol - let alone with the inevitable +DF +Centaur boosts we’re going to see this week.

interesting unit.
Btw, maybe little bad to say that, but it is possible to dev to talk to orion’s daughter?
Their father is so weak, and orion’s daughter need to have a serious conversation to convince him to have huge training for change this situation. And im sure they will be agree. must be a shame to have one of the most useless legendary unit of Krystara as father…


Much worse stuff already in the game.

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Oracle’s 3rd trait isn’t all that great in the endgame, or not yet anyway.

Most all the spells being cast in the endgame do a ton of stuff. 2 magic to your centaurs each time doesn’t offer a lot.

Perhaps Artema’s double dipping on magic will make up for it.

Any word on when pc client update will happen? Looking forward to faster animations for farming arcanes.


To be honest, I don’t know what’s the point adding speed multipliers option. Some people got banned by using Cheat Engine to speed up animation earlier. Now game will provides option to use this kind of thing. It’s like make the “illegal” become “legal”? I don’t understand.

  1. One of the reason they “fix” single troop defense was because players gained resources too fast. Ain’t this speed multipliers will make players gains resources even faster? Kinda contradictory.
  2. Game is already fast enough. Average normal match for end game players is around 90 sec. Sometime even faster. And with that current speed, sometime people questioning how someone got so many battles, so many pvp points, etc. Sometime accused by using bots or cheat engine.
  3. Will they be able to differentiate when people use program like CE and when they turn on the speed multipliers option?

Orion was amazing before BD got nerfed. hes still pretty strong in a courage BD build