Daughters of Orion

yes i cant wait for tEh speeeed also :heart_eyes:

Yes…it wasnt a game feature at the time and using external programs is not allowed far as i know xD

maybe they fixed the 1 troop defend because they knew they were going to release speed patch and that would make battles of like…5 seconds possible instead of ~30secs. :sunglasses:

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We’ve gone over this topic before. My guess is that by “speed of winning was too high” they really meant “braindead victories that literally required the player to do absolutely nothing are undesirable for game health.”


And now that it’ll become a feature, it’s fair game.

Let me explain: If a few have an unfair advantage, it’s forbidden. But if that advantage is available to everyone, it’s not nearly as unfair.

Obviously a feature was desired strongly enough that people were willing to risk getting banned for it. The devs took notice of this and decided, “Hey! Since we’re moving to a more stable code that’d allow everyone to smoothly play on even grounds, why not give them full-range of that coding’s capabilities!”

And so the devs said, “Let there be light!” And the speed of light was then achieved and shared amoungst all. (If, of course, such a ludicrous speed actually makes it into the final cut. Could just be 2x in the end.)


They’ve gone to plaid!


I wonder if we’ll ever get the ability to cancel a cast.


Maybe it’s like chess where once you touch a piece you need to move it.

Woof. Artema is in event chests. Took me 190 keys (including six Orions and a lone Celestial traitstone) before she showed up, though. Definitely my worst run of luck with event chests to date.

Has anyone else gotten 3 sets of guild wars rewards? got an extra 32 trogs @Saltypatra

Not just you:

Wished you would preview boost ratios too, i could have saved my keys.

Did the ratio get reduced?

Yea by 1, was 5 and now it’s 4.

Still pretty good.

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Yeah, she’s good. I quickly put together a team of DF Centaurs:
Without much thought - just “DF Centaurs with good colour spread and some board control” and it’s quite reliable and decently fast, Artema dealing over 50 damage to 2 units. But it’s for this week, with +50% to them, and I don’t expect to use her later on. In GW she could be useful, but without Centaur bonus not so much and I don’t think any mono-colour Centaur team will be viable.

Oh and the weekly weapon bundle seems a bit confused. @Saltypatra @Nimhain @Sirrian

Says eternal flame, but shows the celestial staff in the bundle.

catch em all :laughing:

its not fast enough to me, i dont wanna watch ai as much, and i dont care how fast other ppl do the fights its QoL to me

First set of 50 keys!


I kept my spending to only 100keys and got three Orions and a celestial… :roll_eyes:

I have started doing event keys in tens. If I get one I’ll stop, unless I want two. However that didn’t work with the tesla event, got one in the second batch of ten then went through another 50 for nothing. Getting new legendary to mythic is too resource heavy now you don’t get event keys with glory troops.

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