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Daily Task - Earn a Weapon

My fourth daily task is to “Earn a Weapon” which it says I need to do through masteries. How can I do this if all my Mastery Levels are around 145. This is the fourth task, which I think stays there until it is completed. Am I stuck forever with this impossible task?

Would buying the one from the glory store count for the task?

A new weapon appears with each weekly Raid or Invasion… and also (rarely) with each kingdom… does buying/crafting these achieve the task for you?

Well, the second screen (on Xbox One) specifically mentions doing masteries. I would try buying a weapon, but this week the weapon cost 1000 and is total crap. Just on the long shot it might work I might wait til next week and see if there is a better weapon I wouldn’t mind buying, or for less.

When you say “all your masteries are around 145”, are you talking about your base masteries? That is, is your hero level around 870?

If so, I think you should put in a support ticket since that task should only appear for relatively new players who are still progressing through the first 100 to 150 levels.

I don’t even know how to put in a support ticket any more. The last few times I tried I got messages back saying it was solved before there was any communication about it.

And yes on the hero level.

I haven’t put one in recently, but this link should take you to the ticket-generator:


Don’t categorize that as a bug report - put it under account issue or missing rewards and I think you’ll actually get attention that way…

Good idea, I put in a report under Missing Rewards. I think my previous ones that got rejected were bug reports.

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Ticket submitted underbBug report gets rejected yes.

Yeah, not sure why they would
have the option available, but have it non-functional, but good
to know.

I tried buying a weapon this week and it doesn’t work for the task. So, it is officially a BUG! I have been given a task I can not possibly complete.

Raise a ticket as ‘missing rewards’ or something then… they’ll sort it eventually…