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(Resolved) Daily quest reward stuck on completion

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam/Windows 10

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Daily quest is stuck, so was just trying to get the reward?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
First time

Hey there, sorry you’re having an issue with the task :frowning:
I’ll pass on your case to the team who can complete the task for you

This should now be working for you if you restart your game :slight_smile: @CorDa616 Could you please let me know if you already had the Gem Mastery requirements when you got the task?

Im haveing this bug aswell, Stoptoxics is my ingame name. And its the same quest as above.
6/6 masteries but sits incomplete…Capture%20_2018-11-12-01-48-09

I already had it completed. :slight_smile: I see the bugged quest is gone now, but I never got the reward for it? Just curious as to why.

Thank you for the help!

It was compleated before reciving the quest for me aswell. Mine is still bugged however. Also i would like to recive the reward for it when it does get fixed as the person above didn’t, so i just wanted to add that :wink:

Hi manager i also have this problem,complete this mission but havent updated the new mission…gemsofwar

Hi Cyrup. I’ve got a theory as to why it’s bombing out and what could be causing the bug.

Theoretically I think the programming might be seeking the hero level mastery choices, which requires level 125 and perfectly dividing the mastery points to get 25 each? If my math doesn’t fail me. Yet the completion status detects the masteries based on total level, including all bonuses from Kingdoms, etc.

I’m saying this because the reward is very lucrative for a very small amount of playtime if it takes the cumulative mastery points.

Could you sandbox test my theory and see if that’s the reason? Basically, reward completion status is pointing to B(All bonuses included), while the actual completion detection requires A(Just hero level mastery score).

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Well good news, im 1 point away from haveing it compleated ONLY based on hero options and not kingdoms ectect. So i guess we will see once i level a few more times if its simply that visual bug or its an actual bug ;). Ill post once i raise the last mastery point up and see if it compleats it then.

I can confirm that it is a visual bug and the aboue is correct. This mission requirements is only for your BASE masteries, however the visual bug is that the quest compleation meter doesnt track the BASE mastiers but instead tracks the overall (kingdoms, clans, classes ectect added to base). Therefore it APPEARS to be stuck when it functions fine. Just visually is bugged. If any more information is needed by the dev team to fix this issue im happy to provide what i have.

AWESOME. Thank you for testing and confirming my theory.

We had to manually complete it so I’ve sent the rewards to you now! @Stoptoxics I’ve forwarded your case to the team and I’ll send your reward over now and follow up in the PM you sent

Thanks for the insight!

Anyone who posted here/PM’d me who was affected by the issue should now have the Gold reward.

Hey all, the team have identified that this is indeed a visual issue. Daily Tasks that require you to increase your Gem Mastery levels are intended to count only towards Hero Mastery Levels but also count sources outside Hero Masteries.

So to correctly complete this task in the future, please ensure you have reached Gem Mastery 10 across all 6 colors.