Daemon Summoning team discussion

So this week requires us to summon daemons for snotstones. And we have the added constraint with the team requiring 4 troops to start, else summons are bugged and don’t work.

So what do people have planned?

I’ve heard mentions of Sacrificial Priest, Void Portal, Daemonomicon…


Well since a lot of the cards need to be fully traited - I know I have two cards that can summon

They don’t summon daemons though

3rd trait of Kerberos summons a Warg which is a daemon. So maybe a team built around him?


Kill 3 troops and then loop between Daemonomicon and Sacrifice. Cockatrice is here to keep the last enemy useless.

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Like I said - if I had cards that could I would… – However I just realized I have my hero who has 20th level Sorcerer…and has the book.
I just need one :slight_smile:

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Sacrificial Priest
Sacrificial Priest
Sacrificial Priest
Unicorn Banner

Pretty fast to get 2-3 snotstones exploring in normal difficulty. Kerberos will always summons Warg when enemy is dead. So if Sacrificial Priest fail to summons Abhorath, the empty spots could always be filled by a warg. In normal difficulty, usually 3 cast of Sacrificial Priest is enough to wipe the enemy.


Team idea, though I can’t test it as I don’t have Kerberos’ third trait.

Black Beast

Black Beast devours Nymph and any Warg Kerberos creates. Would best be used against a challenge with a summoner in it (maybe one of the Dragon Claw ones with a Dragon Egg?)


Grats. But how long did that take to do? And how artificial / annoying was it to do?

It’s pretty fast. Usually only take 2 mins per explore in normal difficulty.

I need to put something in there to die… Last two games i have won without being able to summon since there were no slots open.

Do you have Sacrificial Priest?

Ya but I would loose two team members and spider/book won’t survive

I use this team:

Silver maiden
Void Portal

Just use valk for souls, then sac her and use portal, sac whatever gets summoned, rinse and repeat

EDIT: somehow i deleted this on accident, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you try Dark Troll instead of Valkyrie for a boost in Purple before his death?
Or Hero with Mechanist with Soul Blade to go faster?
EDIT: and Giant Spider in 1st position seems nice ;-).

well, no, but as you should have guessed, the maiden and valkyrie are just fillers for any troops that can do the same thing (i.e. stay alive/gain souls)

Well 3 teams and the last one managed to actually get off one summon… But it was far too painful to run.

I likes the Spider… I like the Hero… and I like Incubus… not sure how to make this work.

My wife had the idea to use Princess Elspeth. There’s apparently a LOT of Daemon Knights. While she’s unreliable in getting Daemons, she ALWAYS summons SOMETHING, so she’s more reliable in that sense than Sacrificial Priests - if you get something other than a Daemon (or even if you get a Daemon!) just sacrifice it for the next Summon.

Skip it.

This is not worth the points. I am loosing more than I am winning that is for sure and to be blunt… ain’t worth it.


Seems like there’s a 5-gem cap, too.

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