Crystal Dragon Eggs

probably wouldnt get a fair exchange rate and if it was an alternative, wouldn’t solve the dragon problem for some people.

Update: 4 Garnetaerlins, 4 Sapphirax, 4 Amethelias, 1 Topasarth. So Hey, At Least There’s 1 New One.

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Think that’s bad? Wait till you land 6 copies of one of them lol. You’ll get there eventually took me good couple of month’s before I got my last one needed for Diamantina.

Boss, Ive Been At This For A Year And A Half. Hence Why I’m Complaining.


Isnt it hilarious when people tell you to be patient when thats all youve been so far?

I went 4 months without a perfect run myself.

Good luck to you.

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Yeah, good luck to everyone still struggling with it. Someone in my guild has 12 Topasarth and 2 other ones. That’s beyond stupid. Meanwhile, I’m close to craft my third Diamantina without even trying or caring about it.

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I already got a third. :see_no_evil: It made one FA faster so I crafted her for that.

The whole system isn’t fair.

While I got lucky and “only” needed 11 eggs (still quite a lot of you consider the costs in gems and the amount of frustration), others aren’t even close to getting all 6 dragons.

This could have been so much better and would have excited people had there been way less of a luck factor to it.

Zuul was bad enough with blue orbs being so hard to get but these dragons are something else…

And to add insult to injury, you have to spend 1k dragonite on two absolutely useless weapons.

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Gimme One. Im Not Even Doing This For Diamantina. I Just Want The Six Crystal Dragons. I’m A Dragon Fanatic. Think I’m At Like 85% Of All Of Them. Just Crafted Tiamata Not Too Long Ago.

I Am Also Working Towards Zuul. Hes A Righteous Card, Worth The Effort. People In PvP Have Wiped My Whole Team With Him.

You’ll love having him. And nowadays it’s easier to get him than it used to be when I started playing.

Make good use of the vault event this weekend. :crossed_fingers:

Diamantina is really great to have as well. But not as much of a game changer as Zuul is.

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Vault Event?