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Crashes doing many things

Android 7.0, Honor 6X

Image not possible. It crashes very fast

After the update I became unable to do many things because of crashes. A list of the things that I tried and crashed my game are: guild missions, pet rescue, accessing the shop, entering the forge, the rate the app popup and there might be others

It happens every time I try to do any of the previously said things. It started after the update

To make it happen again I only need to do any of the previously stated things. To fix it I have deleted the cache of the app but it didn’t work

Thanks for your time

Hi VeryHappy

Please give some of the steps in this article a go. If they do not help then you can click the “Submit a request” button at the bottom of the article to contact our support team.

Thanks. It’s working again
Reinstalling after wiping the cache worked. The first time I followed each of the steps and tried if it has worked (it didn’t) but following all of them at once did

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Fantastic :slight_smile: Sometimes you need to clear the cache before reinstalling to ensure the game picks up the right files and doesn’t think it already has them when you reinstall (when it doesn’t!)