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[Tech Issue] Here we go again with the crashes

NOTE: This is a community-drive category. A developer may not respond to your post. If you need help with Gems of War please contact support here. To report a bug go here.

Describe your issue:
Game is crashing again. I was in the crowning glory event, just starting the battle, all the beginning spells were cast, my hero is the first character, and then the hero turned into slanted lines and was fully charged, the game froze, and shut down. So I lost a battle and a sigil. There was no time for a screenshot.

So I restart the game and go back in, am scrolling through the guild menu system and it crashes. Again. All within 5 minutes of each other.

All these crashes are getting extremely old now. I am running an iPad with iOS version 14.4.2, with nothing else running in the background. I have plenty of memory and have cleared out the cache frequently.

Update: The game just crashed again during the first archmagus class battle. I won the round and during the “victory” screen run through of assets, the game just crashed.

I have looked for the analytic data for today, but gems of war is not listed.

Screenshots or video:

Had the game crash on me a few times too over the past few days (xbox in my case), thankfully wasn’t in a battle that used sigils at the time though.

@Macaudora I’m sorry your game has been crashing like this.

If you’d like further assistance please contact support here as this is most likely due to a technical issue which will require more troubleshooting.