Crafting System - Wishes, Expectations & Hopes

Bro i hate this answer lt could mean 5 month

Btw i prefer alpheon, at least he’s not affraid to answer :stuck_out_tongue:


Now there is something!

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so… the crafting recipes are obtainable by… kills?

i wonder are there special conditions to what kind of kills must it be :grin:

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Hopefully not mini-boss kills in the dungeon. That would take a while at a maximum of 3 per day.


I wonder what that cube icon next to the chat icon is, upper left.

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I for one cant wait for crafting!

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Why not?

If you want to be faster, you can level up with gems :slight_smile:.
Business is business :wink: .

I was mostly joking, given that level 10 is 400 kills and it looks like we can get a maximum of 3 per day, so it would take about a year to do that without gems (assuming the other levels scale up to 400 in some fashion). Of course, Sirrian says all the numbers will change, so no sense worrying about it yet.


Ahh… That’s an interesting idea and nice catch, I completely missed/glossed over the notion the 400 (subject to change) kills could be exclusive to only mini-bosses when reviewing the SS.

What I didn’t understand is if the Soulforge level resets each week: if not, it seems super simple to max it…

So, @Stan’s joke could be the solution to make it a long-term level up :slight_smile: .

If every troops killed count so it would be 4 kills by fight so only 3 months to maximize.

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I seriously doubt that would be the thing - that just seems out of scale with the rest of the game. I really was just joking with that post. If I’m wrong, I’ll be shaking my head in wonder.


I will use the gems and f*** the kill if we can’t make more then 3 kill per day and hopefully it won’t reset every week and if it reset i will just wait for the mythic i want and pay gems to get it

if its farmed by bosses - i will wait for devs confirmation if it reset before i spend any gems :joy:

but honestly i cant imagine them making such combo :wink:
it will either "

  • reset and be farmed by normal kills
  • or never reset and be farmed by bosses
  • or be farmed by normal kills and never reset :stuck_out_tongue:

my guess is it wont reset

i think the cube is your “jewels collection”?

also im finding interesting the “jewels” tab…

my guess is seems like we will be able to craft jewels itself too?

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The only problem is if it’s normal kill, it will be too easy and if it’s only boss kill it’s gonna be too hard (long)