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Cost to change classes

I understand that the Switch version is behind in patches but I was wondering if the cost to switch classes has been removed for the Nintendo Switch version.

No. (Less than 10)

Wasn’t that the flagship 4.2.5 feature? How on earth is Switch “4.2.5” if it doesn’t have that?

Wait. Wait. Do you guys have the old UI and you’ve been keeping quiet?


Thanks for the clarification. I don’t think Switch owners need keyboard and mouse support. I don’t even think there is a keyboard peripheral yet

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If you plug a USB keyboard into the dock it works in some games. It’s not highly advertised because devs don’t want to be bothered to support it. There probably won’t be an official peripheral because there’s not a lot of money in trying to sell a Switch-specific version of a thing that’s been cheap for like 20 years :wink:

Wow! OK, that’s good to know. I may buy one to check it out. I was wondering how people on chat were able to change things like colors and such…

I don’t think it works with GoW. They’re probably just really patient.