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Thank ya @Ashasekayi





Looks Iike this weekend will award 4 power orbs to The Guild of Thieves.
Well done. :+1:


@en9nhcet one of your students? :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:


Wow :astonished:, they’re more than 1000 levels higher than anyone else on the game lol.


yes im sure they are totally legit…xD


yup, precisely like you. :slight_smile:


… What. The hell.


Their defend team is also amazing!


exploit, cough cough… At least the guild name is accurate


one hour ago

(Lyya edit: removed callout)

and now

(Lyya edit: removed callout)

that guy is crazy


changed name to cover his tracks, le genius


I’ve witnessed these tactics before…
If the devs say they can’t find anything to confirm cheating with him or her. I’ll officially quit the game.


When a troll gnome…

Becomes the real deal :laughing:


So now screenshots when player level up from 3279lvl to 3465 lvl in 2 hours and then in 1 hour to 3587 lvl is considered callout… ok.:confused:


Yes, it is. If you suspect an individual of cheating, submit a ticket or PM a dev on the forum (@SaltyPatra and @Kafka are the most active). Otherwise, screenshots identifying other players in a negative light are considered callouts and are not allowed.

I agree that this is very suspicious, though, and the devs should be made aware.

Please see the Community Guidelines thread for additional information:


Just get this random Doom in Tribute manu. Can’t wait to try the new event tomorrow! ^^


Should I buy a lottery ticket? :crazy_face:


No, all your luck was spent on this… Congratulationa by the way!