Cool screenshot topic


I wonder if it was added in late since I used up my entire stash of 63 keys and never pulled it. Got multiples of everything else though.


Daily reset is at 9 am for me, so this was 1 hour and 33 minutes after reset


I have used ~50 keys since soul gnome and got 0.


Three - I got 500 from another one.


This is the third time that I’ve seen this so I thought I’d take a screenshot this time of the “little person”.


If you thought you have big ears



They prefer the term “dwarf”.


Guess I better use some Broken Spire troops now


Perfectly level Fanatic :smiley: , all levels full Bounty Team(x30) :bangbang:

                                Still Loving <3


Finally got a vault key when it’s not the vault event.
I stopped believing that it’s possible


My best defense numbers ever as paragon. Bracket 1 ps4.



Ur the man! :muscle:



Best. Treasure room. EVER!!

No more Cedric Sparklesack messing up my Delve team order in this Faction event! :sunglasses:


Need to improve your red day dude :wink:


That’s why you guys took it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I can’t help it that it only worked the first three times we fought you.


If you can’t beat em, join em! So we did lol :wink: Seriously though they are some great stats man. Weird how we always seem to play each other on red day. Happened before with LK and green day for a while


That new red team will destroy anyone not expecting it. I’m glad to see my teams being used honestly. It shut me down. :laughing:

Now we both have it. :+1::+1:



Lady Morana x4, or did you throw in a Grave Seer?