Cool screenshot topic



1st match of guild wars today


Lifetimegoal 100k Goldkeys :man_facepalming:


There is a good sum of gems and glory inside those chests…


Sure, but… with 15+ collected tributes per day… no need to open it :upside_down_face:
(727k glory 43k gems atm)


Nothing beats the feeling of winning the match after an 1 vs. 1 late game drama.


Me using Titan leaves only two colors to be ‘stormed’. :sweat_smile:


Missed me!


Saw Famine in the soulforge today and almost crafted him over Pharos-Ra. I’m glad I didn’t cause I just opened 200 glory keys and


Neat interaction: spell resistance vs scatter damage. Never seen three at once lol.


The ai’s SoM troops traits activated and before I even touched the board most of my team was ready to go.

Best part is this was GW and I won on my second turn and didn’t take a single bit of damage



Chest Level 1 personal best. :+1:


Oh so you get 2 drops from a level 1 chest?


I think you are right, it must be a Level 2 chest.


No, this is a haul!

And 15 Event Keys for the follow-up.


Very first pull in Sea of Sorrow last friday. Sweet. :heart_eyes:

And I wanted a round 1000 win row in my profile, so I worked on it a couple of weeks ago. :sweat_smile:


Awesome pull!!! And those are some very round numbers :stuck_out_tongue:



Now we know it drops at least two different amounts.


Third key (: