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Dude… do you even read Maxx’s respond?

I also got 1 copy of Penquin as well, so I can confirmed it’s in the Tier Shop’s drop pool.

All 6 Guild War troops are exclusive to just Guild War reward and Tier Shops. I supposed it was intended, as you can actually use this troop in the event they drop. Those 6 Guild Guardians also drop in Elemental Invasion shop.

They will never be available in other key types and summoning stone. They used to be in summoning stone in the past, but they already fixed that.


Hit level 1201 today. I know there is a list somewhere here in the forums that details what order the gem mastery options are offered, but I’ve never bothered to figure it out, so it feels random. I was hugely relieved to see this.


No, I just read this a while ago and haven’t saw any updates about GUILD WARS troops being available any where else. It’s most likely a bug. But if it’s intended it’d be nice if there wasn’t a ninja change.

Was the new guild wars troops idea scrapped @Saltypatra??

Most players aren’t getting GW troops at a reasonable rate. Imo. Specially since GW are even less frequent than the time of these patch notes. I don’t feel like Tier Shops are reasonable either since they aren’t available during GW weeks.


Well we did get the hall of guardians, which in name kind of counts.


I mean…HoG wasn’t even worth doing a separate Emblem. So yeah… Basically the same thing.


GOW Fanatiz :bangbang: I love terrorized this game :bangbang:


                          Still Loving <3 TERRORIST


Rainbow tasks that give gems, which can be done in one quick team? Awesome! :grin:


The treasures brought a pet gnome with them, how thoughtful :+1:


It all makes sense. :grin:


First event tier purchase! :money_mouth_face:


I tried to quit the game. Instead I finished my first faction.




As a reward you get at least a month break from having to level your hero classes. :grinning:
(Tech has them all to :100:)


Lowest faction team to get to 2k.
And lowest treasure hoard level to beat a 500 faction (zero casualties)


What a week!! Jotnar monday and now Stomehammer!! :grin:


Crazy Bard-Dawnbringer in frustrating long match at Hall of Guardian’s Delve Level 420.

And yep, Ancient Golem casted his spell next, dispeled through my barrier, and gave me a lose.


Second Faction fully upgraded:

This time i had less duplicates of the Legendary troop, next one will be the upcoming “Sardines” and someday i’ll finish the “Silly Eyes”.


Who needs eventkeys when the LT deliver the new troop :wink:


Well, that answers my long-standing question about whether it’s possible to get brand-new troops from legendary tasks!


IRC my guild got a copy of Doomclaw from an LT the same week he was realesed.