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How long have you been playing again? Lol


Truxton posted the chance for double kill from megavore in his thread… 0,64% i think :man_facepalming:

1 turn later another single proc :man_facepalming:

Damn! :neutral_face:


20 Tribute club, Here I am! ^^


Now, can I have my Nimue, please? It’s already Wednesday…


My second 12 star!! Woot!


Anyone from the beta remember how much Renown is needed to get extra magic?


I dont think they got that far. They only had 2 factions and 1-2 weeks to play with them, with no events


The linked spoiler post gives the breakdown of which stat increases for every 4,000 renown.

44,000 renown requires getting close to maximum on 18 factions, so it’s a long time until we’ll need to worry about a magic boost.


:laughing: Yeah, I believe I started playing GoW… I wanna say, in January of 2017.

I switched over to “Treasure Crush” soon after. :wink:


I have never scored the exact same amount of points as a teammate before! :exploding_head:

On the same day and at the same time. We didn’t know it until we finished and sent in scores :smile:


this week is more easy


Last gnome for now:


Got my first 10 quality faction


After leveling up my treasure hoards, I can’t help but look at your gold stash, and look at mine…

Nice job, however I hope that in the future treasures that are ascended offer a little more xp since a quality level of 10 is nothing compared to 1000 levels for a single hoard.


That’s more like 1.4 million gold since I never go below a million in case I can’t play for a while then I still have some gold to donate. Also I haven’t spent much upgrading my faction hoards I only have HoG at level 55 and ASE at level 37.



With that much, your regular title should be duke nukem.


Previous event:



^random is random. I was #2 on a event leaderboard a while ago. I was very upset and disappointed until I opened the chaos orbs and saw the same as you on that lower pic. Suddenly I was happy.

Got Zuul yesterday btw. I’m too lazy to post a pics here anymore, since PS4 -> gowforums is not one click.