Cool screenshot topic


WOW 1 whole year in the same guild, if i recall correctly i have been only on 5 Guilds :smiley:

30000 Matches are tiny , but i feel proud.

I still love the forums and you guys are awesome, Thanks!!





Yeah, so what, right?

Sew buttons.

Entirely F2P, no guild, level 37. :sunglasses:


Oh youre the one who only does treasure hunt right? Thats pretty impressive


Take that Nice Reply badge, Goodwill! :sunglasses:


Lol thanx!


Maxing a class is not a big deal, usually, but when a new class sucks this much it’s really liberating…
I’ll never have to use it again, and if by any chance in the next three years, or more, if by chance it receives a rework then i’ll have it maxed and ready to use.


As someone who generally doesn’t farm in this game(i even let Dawnbringer come to me ‘naturally’) how do you guys go about farming classes quickly?


Casual PvP.


Honestly, Casual PVP grind for me.
Mindless and near endless battles against Fire Bombs, match a gem wait for them explode, only getting the four/five matches and skulls to reduce the A.I options. No time to waste looking for interesting fights, use 50 gold to refresh the enemies, i might take battles against teams with 3000~6000 power because those are also fast.

It’s probably soulcrushing to many, but i do it fine because i have this completionist mentality, so i keep my eyes on the goal of finishing all classes eventually.

I’m leaving the best classes as the last, because they will give me a better experience, while leaving the bad classes for later would feel much more tiresome, because i’ll miss the good talents working. And as i said if the bad classes are eventually reworked to be worth using i’ll have them maxed probably/maybe.


Along with PvP, also trying to use the Hero more where the fights are easy enough that a perfect build isn’t required - Dungeons, Explores for tasks (or traitstones if you need them), Pet Rescues, grinding low level Delves, early rounds of most Events. If you’re trying to max out every hero, every Champion XP counts. :slight_smile:


I use my hero in every team now.(except a few guild war fights)


Finally getting my Sacred Treasure. Mythical no more!

Also, interesting to know that its traits are as expensive as others Mythic troops, just in single color. Gonna have to Wisdom Orb’ed that so I can donating and losing it with ease.


10 stars.


I needed 80 pulls to get the Legendary from Hall of Guardians. Thankfully, my home kingdom knows how to treat me better.:blush: (Other two rewards from the 10-pull were a ring and a purse.)


my best chaos shards so far


12 stars! Did it.

Also got my second 10 star. So awesome.


1 event key mythic. :smile_cat:


You’re definitely having some luck right now :wink:


Right. I’m sure that getting the next mythic will be a massacre to balance it out.