Cool screenshot topic


Great feeling when this happens. Needed one more copy of Chief to ascend him to Mythic! :slight_smile:


Level 120, quality 8 hoard and chest level 7


I finally pulled all of the troops from the Hall.




Hello new meta. :joy:


I had a 19 tribute today. Totally missed the screenshot. Typical. :stuck_out_tongue:



Haha, did they still not fix the spelling for mythic ingots in German?
Try pronouncing that word correctly. :blush:


Spelling looks alright to me.


another lucky LT for catweazle :joy:


5 billion gems later :smiley:


Wouldn’t it be called ‘Mystischer Barren’ instead of ‘Mythischer Barren’?


Nope. Just like you have a distinct difference between “mythics” and “mystics” in troops in English, it’s basically the exact same thing in German. While I don’t play the German version because the translation is such utter garbage that it can’t even be called German in large parts, this here is completely correct.


My first Level 10 Delve Chest:

I’m happy with the Shards. :slight_smile:


2k :slight_smile:


Our first mythic from lt! My favorite! :grin:


Wooooooo :tada:


Nice, did you "purrr sued" Level 95 or it just happened?



I did purrsue it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I wanted to hit 100 and 10 at the same time. Close, so close…


Burnt the F out… But I got them both to 10 today off tier 6 in the Event.