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Congrats on your achievement. I’m still working on bringing a dawnbringer into existence. Maybe I’ll be able to craft it by dawn. :slight_smile:


I needed two maxed weapons from Bright Forest, so I figured one of them might as well be the one I use all the time. I know a number of people have been put off by the random exploding gem traits, but so far it doesn’t seem to be a problem.


Congrats, Riversong! My Dawnbringer probably stay at +5. It’s Bounty/Class essential for me, so I don’t want take a risk with random 2 yellow/red gem destroying.

I also just finish upgrading 2 weapons for all kingdoms that are lower than 8 star before new system. My choice for Bright Forest are Summer’s Fury: destroy random gem on random gem creator won’t be much problem, and Trickster’ Shot: no board configuration, could be useful in Delve. I was thinking about upgrading Eagle Eye, but Epic ingots are so hard to come by without opening gem keys.

I should probably get that dove to mythic and start upgrading 3 Whitehelm weapons next…


I’m right behind you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Pretty Ingot heavy day today. Of course, I just want the dang shards right now.

Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!

Nice :smirk:


I’m in the club too :smiley:


Well, for the first gnome today i’m happy:


I finally reached one of my main targets today. Getting the best orb from The Vault. :pray:


Getting Legendary from Legendary task is not that cool. But by @Sheba’s rule, getting blessed by Bunny while Vault event is going on could mean I will be lucky and get more Vault keys! ^^


I do hope you are blessed by bunnies!:blush: But don’t forget that Bunni’Nog is a traitor of bunnykind, as bunnies are made for cuddles and cuteness and Bunni’Nog decided not to be into any of that!:fearful:


Aw… don’t judge him by his appearance! He just got a bad genes. He might be hard to get along with at first, but once you get to know him more, you’ll find he can be such a sweet bunny. There was that one time he bit my friend’s head clean off, but that was just an accident!! He was just misunderstood that my friend would attack him, so he had to defense himself.

So… he did indeed blessed me. I just got my first Vault Keys this week from Pet Gnome. And look what was the reward I got! :grin:


Well, I did get lucky, so here it is! ^^

Side note

I actually finished with Hoard level 49 after donating all the rare Treasures, but want that achievement so bad, so I donated Gold Ring x5 just for it. I’m glad that 50% hit-or-miss turned out to be a hit, so I’m at Hoard Quailty level 5 now. :sunglasses:



Let us know how good your free ingots are. People have been speculating they will be mostly common like in PVP.


Wait…, I reach that now? Didn’t really notice that, too focus on achievements. I will report back the next week result!


Congrats on beating level 100 with 4 faction troops. That Is very hard to do. I stopped at 80. :+1:


I hit vip 7 and received a new team slot.

:exploding_head: overload!



Did you win?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: