Cool screenshot topic



Just noticed my soul amount, goddammit one more soul needed for Epic number. :grin:
(or 2mil and 1 soul)


Shhh! That’s how rumors start :joy:

I did a run this morning to finish the event (not my personnel best) but here goes.


Have I won the game now?


Wish all battle were like this


Jesus Christ!! How?! :joy:


Can’t get to the 20 club but not too bad.


nananana, didnt get 600 glory…nananana

just joking…


Me too! I’m like knocking the door of the 20 club now. Still least glory than you though, might be because I keep moving my home kingdom to blend in. lol


Lovely start to my first pvp of the week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Well this is a first for me on the 8th pet fight.


Right before I had to leave for work, I played my very first delve.^^


I didn’t know screen shots from beta accounts qualified on here. Cool I guess??

No B anymore in my name… From the real game. :grinning:


Every screenshot counts on a screenshot thread :smiley:
Congrats AWR, you are probably first to get it beyond 10*


All faction troops from Hall of Guardians Checked! :slightly_smiling_face:


This thread gives me the feels seeing the old layout.


I have two rings and two sentries. Already fed up with the rng circlejerk for the treasures…
Why can’t they for once come up with a non rng infested reliable and consistent reward structure, just once…


Just got my first total renown daily reward, 20 daily gold income for 500 Underworld renown!

It’s not much, but still a nice progress. If my chaos shard opening get me more high rarity treasures, I might able to finish 2 more achievements (1,000 total renown and 50 hoard levels) before next weekly reset!


Am I first?


The same players on ps4 are always first pvp lb so there are a few out there (ps4).

But congrats anyways!! :+1:

Was it worth it? Mine is 6.