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@BRchell Truth to tell, I had 284 Gluttonies and disenchanted all but 4 of them. Guess I’m just a glutton for punishment.


So i just mentioned …cough… b1tc#ed about …cough… how i was still missing one copy of Pride to ascend him to Mythic.

And life has a strange way to work, as i received my three event keys from the recent survey:

Well, i guess everything worked out sort of barely fine. :sweat_smile:


This confirms my hypothesis of the B1t#1NG theory.

I once b1tc#3d about not getting Queen Mab when I needed/wanted her - got her the next day. Several months later, I b1tc#3d about finally having enough Diamonds for Infernus, but he wouldn’t show up in the damn soulforge - next day he was. Finally, after obtaining all but about 5 Legendary troops, I was b1tc#1NG about not being able to roll Divine Ishbaala - the next day I got her.


Max level all pets except 2 no -bonus pets :))


Anyone who’s played an MMO knows that the best way to get a piece of loot to drop, is to complain about said piece not dropping :stuck_out_tongue: (also works for quest items etc)


Wish that would work for me as well - bought 100 event keys with Glory, got 3x Wrath, no Lust. Was upset. Used the three event keys from the survey and… got another Wrath.:sweat_smile:


HEY! Don’t ruin my science! A lot of speculation and barely any testing went into that theory!

But, yes. It seems on the days that I’m mildly annoyed/upset about not getting the specific thing(s) I want, I don’t get them. But, the days where I’m at wits end/ last straw/ borderline about to rant on the forums, I get them the next day. Maybe you should try ALMOST posting about it, and then see what happens.

Consider it research for my experiments. I’ll be waiting in my bunker.

@Ozball I wish I could like that post WAY more. Maybe we should get, like, 5 SUPER likes a day. Also, I have found that the best way to get something that you desire the most (has worked in various games like Monster Hunter, Runescape, Destiny, etc.) is to just stop wanting it, and you will surely get it.


HOLY MADAGASCAR! New personal best! :open_mouth:


Got my first 20 as well


For the win


That’s Phreekin awesome.


Wow, I guess you had some stiff competition! I won the PC/mobile one this week with a bit over 1.2k towers, I can imagine having to replay that last battle 200 more times and it wouldn’t have made me happy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No one will take “My Precious (copper coin).”

But, seriously, devs, can you grant us the ablility to match vaults to create a vault key or something? Maybe the vaults can create an explosion to clear some of the board, or just have them disappear and have more pieces cascade from the top of the board, similar to that of a match.


278 moves in TH is very good, respect.

Those 5 vaults are just too tempting not to match!


:wink: Believe it or not, that particular map ended up resulting in 280 moves:


You matched that bag on the right of the far-right green chest, or first bag on the top row, didn’t you? Their cascade would result in one more red chest, with high probably for extra turn, resulting in 280 match.

Also, Congrats! Getting over 200 is very hard and require serious luck/skill. My highest turn is 290 once, still unable to past 150 since…


No one will take “my precious money bag” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It was a pretty similar situation for me too

We are the treasure hunters ~ :musical_note:


Instinctive, like a true Treasure Hunter. :+1:

Btw, missed you at the last gathering. There are only a few of us Treasure Hunters left. One just posted above.

@Fiara, how pleasing it would have been to have all five vaults flush and in a row, but the pic is so much better with your prized “moneybag” locked away. :slightly_smiling_face:


There is actually another alternative move, but would be possibly less likely to cause a 4/5 match. Matching the Top Left brown bag downwards with the brown chest, will result in the same resolution (ie Red Chest).


Like this? ^^

It’s also the exact same number of moves to Fiara, nice coincidence!

About the gathering, I did go there and meet you. It’s wierd that you don’t remember, might be because I went to another timeline. I’m sure with some Mandela Effects fix, your memory would change later. :wink:

Anyway, it’s wierd that Treasure Hunt events are usually the weeks I do least Treasure Hunt, as once I reached the requirements for all rewards, my desire to play more is declined. In other weeks, I played it as a diversion from battle modes, so farming trophies is more enjoyable!