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personal pet battles? :sunglasses:


It must be a guld wars week :smiley:


Sorry I forgot you asked in DM about this.
Yes players can trigger a PR by themself. And if you leave a guild that has an active PR then you’re still able to finish that PR.
(Also this is the forums, make sure you let folks know you still live in the fAWRmily home. You just moved rooms. Otherwise the neighbors will talk… gossiping Nellies. :wink:)


So this is not really special to anyone but me, but whatever…
Because I normally never do PVP outside of GW, but had a cool GW experience today, I dropped into PVP for a match or two and for the very, very first time I encountered someone from the forum.:blush: Somehow it felt special to fight someone I actually talked to before.
(Also heck, I only recognized the username by sheer length; there’s no way my poor eyes can read those tiny letters without real issues; I actually had to get my magnifier :joy: Bigger letters plz, devs!)


All alone at #1. For the moment, at least. :smile:


Eight months later:





And i didn’t managed to keep over 90K glory by the end of a week in the game yet… :sweat_smile: I’m always using glory for event keys and buying multiple glory packs for ascension and traitstones.


1st Mythic from a LT. :grinning:



Oh dear… :anguished:


did you win?


Finally Done :joy: :joy: :joy:


I’m jealous


My highest GW (B1) weekly score ever, I’d never reached 57k before! :smile:

Most likely still not enough for paragon though, I’ll keep trying :sweat_smile:


@Avathar Amazing very very Big Congratulations :sunglasses:


That is very impressive for bracket one. :muscle:




Brown day paragon ps4.

Who could ask for a better starting board?


Win with 1 PV :smile: