Cool screenshot topic




I paid quite a few gems and skipped a lot of pet rescues but I finally got my first mythic pet




If i wait long enough, I might reach Rank 1 without playing a single match. :blush:


The only thing that would make this better would be if a pet gnome was in there also.


I know it’s most likely a bug with the Anti-Magic Sphere talent, but I’m still highly amused by any Tesla-centric team being unable to take down my Heroine, whose ‘attack’ is just gaining more and more armour.


That bug also happens when you’re the one attacking.

Two weeks ago I was still playing Rowanne on PVP invade, and sometimes bards with no barrier would ignore her attack.


3 tasks at the same time! I love it


and I remember someone complaining about stupid tasks the other day…^^


Will I make it to 1,000?


Hmm… Which one should I do first?? :thinking:


Man, Fey magic is strong this week. I’m glad at least those defying gravity Towers are not affected.


Congrats to guild mate Nerf for crafting Zuul on ps4.

don’t know if he is the first on ps4. Can anyone confirm?


@Theidleone had crafted it. Your friend may be the first for PS4, but not overall. Still great though. I get horrible ascension orb drop rates and am still on one power orb.


Yes meant the first on ps4


I know the stuff you are talking about!
(Screenshot is actually from a bit ago.)


Proud of this.


All in one again and get to use the new mythic.

The daily tasks will always be my favorite part of the game. I hope it never changes.


Oh why… oh why… oh why :sob:
Not cool! (Does this make it off topic :thinking:)