Cool screenshot topic


My first 1.000 arcane. Al the others over 500. :sweat_smile:


2 mythics in the mail is always nice!


The Power Orb is mine! (Just for an hour…)


The AI has decided to improve on raids by implementing the game, guess who :+1:


lol wow nicely done AI


I finally beat the game!:blush::rabbit: …What do I do now?:thinking:


Start a new account on a platform you don’t already have an account on. Beat it again. :smile:


I have no console, though, and also no mobile, so I’m stuck with PC. I could try to maybe collect the largest amount of Snowbunnies, though. After all, there is no way I would ever trade one for food (who does that?! :fearful: And what happens to the traded bunnies?!:scream:).


Aren’t mobile and PC basically the same thing?


All traded bunnies go to a farm outside your town…


Blue Pet Food is made from all the collected tears of traded Snow Bunnies.


They are taken to an underground dog fighting ring where the winner gets his choice of the litter.


If you accept a game suggestion you should play Doom.
The “Doomguy” originally had a pet bunny, which was killed by the invading demons… This means we are not trying to save earth from the demonic invasion, we are avenging our bunny!


You guys! XD
I personally hope that Mab and Skadi adopt all the traded Snow Bunnies back and have them live happily in some Snow Bunny temples, just like the people in Leonis do for the Manticores. :rabbit:

I have no idea about Doom, but I approve of bunny owners avenging bunnies! …Though I don’t approve of games where bunnies die in the first place (me playing Terraria is a trainwreck, can you imagine? Save all the bunnies, all the time…).



You wait for this one to get ingame:

It’s part bunny atleast.


This is indeed a perfect example of evolution: All other animals recognize the bunny as the best creature and try to become bunnies. This species still has a long way to go (it honestly looks more creepy than adorable still), but obviously already put a lot of effort into becoming a bunny already, so that is to be applauded. :rabbit:


This one is trying very hard to evolve into a bunny as well. Or perhaps more hare than bunny.


Yes it does and I greatly approve of so many bunny-evolving animals in the game… but they just aren’t real bunnies yet. The game needs more real bunnies along with the almost-bunnies. A bunny pet for every kingdom! (Seriously, though, I do find it pretty amazing there are so many half-bunnies in the game. I am glad the devs like bunnies so much they try to put them onto several other animals.:rabbit:)



When you wake up and see that 2 cheaters in front of you on the leader board got banned