Cool screenshot topic




Best pull ever?


Yes. And thanks for the future nerfs to the vault. :wink:
I thought it was better to open Vaults during Vault weekends. Clearly I am mistaken.


And the level reads 1333. Lol.


You should have bought lottery that day!


R.I.P. Infernus :sob:


Was going to retreat after this

So very glad I didn’t


Never retreat from a sigils based event. I’m glad you stuck with it and proved why. :wink:


Yay I got the complete opposite


Barrier is a life saver. <3


I’ve learnt now. I’ll still retreat from invasions though I normally have almost all my sigils left over after it ends.



4 dooms would be nice :thinking: (1st time i see this daily)


Well, i retreat on tod too if my hero get 1 shotted on ai first turn, got more chance to win superenalotto than survive long enough to kill 700+ armor/hp enemy’s with a 40 attack alchemist lol. (or w/e you got as second troop)


I lost hero very early in ToD a few times but played it out and won a lot. If you are going to be using all your sigils I wouldn’t retreat. It takes a while without Mang but is still winnable.


Past floor 25?

Then you had quite a LOT of luck, one i lost the hero to double skull hit when glaycion was dead and dark monolith was stripped of armor and wounded, was kinda lucky and managed to kill him and behemoth but isnt really realistic hope that in all those turns AI dont get skulls cascades and/or fill up anything.




gimme some jewels boiii


Got this about an hour after reset this mornin’




I like round numbers.