Cool screenshot topic


When a slime gets outta control…


Lol, the max for all stats is 1k. 🤦


Lost 2 matches (Tier 7 once)
Both times Glaycion took out my first 2 troops.
And my 4th troop died from Death Mark. Weird. :roll_eyes:


How high are the stats on such floorlvl?


They’re level 400 troops for the “boss room”.
Floor 25+ are exactly the same for everyone in the game. Hell each floor may be the same for everyone as well. (Maybe just the scrolls are randomized) 🤷


The new Card is Amazing! :grin:


I like nines


Just got probably my highest tribute ever


“I love it when a plan comes together.”


I know a lot of people have done it already but I beat my first level 500 delve


Well as a cat, I feel you had an advantage in this faction.


My highest gw score against paragon


I know now days it is not a big deal, but still, i am happy.


I had hoped for magic…


Congrats on reaching the milestone @Corvus. :slight_smile: Sadly though you will have to gain another 1000 levels before gaining a magic point.


Thanks! Then one more 1000 levels to go… :wink:


Long time since i saw a 20+ tribute (min 6 months)


I’ve never had one. :roll_eyes:


The only thing what you not achieved hm? :upside_down_face:


We really should start a “most glory” thread post tribute nerf.