Cool screenshot topic


This 4xElspeth team certainly got aggressive, this was turn two :sweat_smile:


Everything that begins, eventually ends. Zero gems spent. My highest Winstreak ever. Ended by a cheap af defense. :roll_eyes:
(The board made it so I couldn’t stun them, RNG took care of the rest)


who has more?:crazy_face:


I sure don’t, but I really want that translation to be the default English name for him!


Challenge accepted



When backup gets drunk…
(the fallout of a skeleton key team)


What a tease during the Vault Event!


I like that :sunglasses:


Within 36 hours of weekly reset.

(I appreciate this thread existing because it’s the one “safe place” to brag on the forums. :grinning:)


woop woop!


what should i name it?xD




Using a looping DE team. Ended up using Leshy to prevent myself from killing them too quickly from skull cascades.

Weird/sucks that transform counts as a death for Event/GW purposes, but doesn’t trigger a Duststorm on enemy death for Runepriest :slightly_frowning_face:.


:thinking:Tommorow next Guild Event then :grin:


we got this guys! xD


Bad tech. Bad!


the sparkle ponies cant even beat one floor it would seem!..pinniped victory!


Why is this game forcing me to destroy this? :sob:


Can someone smarter than me work out the odds?

Room % chances of upgrade:
100% 20% 20% 20% 30% 40% 45% 50%


Too bad level 10 chest is maximum :wink:


Gar’Nok -> Tai-Pan: there’s 30 of them.