Cool screenshot topic


Da ba dee da ba I died :rofl:




TPK’s life seemed appropriate.





Use 3 monster troops = bad, get new task
Use 3 monster troops = great!


3x Mystic in 1 Week :smiley:


I know it isn’t much but it does mean no more troops here (except zuul). Saying that, no more gnomes for now anyway.


If this would just be a different color, or the respective major orb wouldn’t require 20 of the minor ones. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lost Alchemist to a death mark, and the max gold went from 125 to 525. Is that a bug (or a feature, rather)?

Faction Event. Level 30. Battle 8.

Learnt that this is neither a feature, nor a bug. I didn’t properly check the traits on the battle in a delve. This room probably had a 100% bonus gold to all troops as a trait.


Not this room but the cedric room you defeated prior to this. Cedric room gives all your allies 100% bonus gold


Right…A guild mate explained it later. New things keep popping up, to learn every now and then. Thanks, by the way. :slight_smile:


Hey team! I would love to tweet some of your cool screenshots. If you’re alright with this, please let me know. I’ll send you something in the mail as thanks. If you receive a DM from me, you’ll know why.


If the images are from the game. Then they are already your companies property. Are you wanting consent just to be polite?


Of course. Consent is important. I won’t post without permission, and where possible would like to shout out the players that took the screenshots and contributed them.


Okay I guess. Any images I post here you can use. :+1:


No problem @Saltypatra


Got consent for mine.




Not too bad, I guess. :blush: