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I’ve put them to use. I like to collect and this has been my dream for 3 years. Having all troops possible maxed. I’ve accomplished it now. Though it still looks not perfect since the Doom troops are listed in game but not released.

I know devs don’t like people having all maxed so they will release Zuul 2.0 soon. I only have 1 power orb currently, and Zuul 2.0 will certainly cost 20 power orbs. But let me enjoy this now, please? :slight_smile:




Treasure troops are not troops is like humans are not animals.

edit. I won’t argue this subject more here, don’t worry.


haha , long boy .


Only 70k are gold keys. :wink:
And I have all the troops ACTUALLY available in chests.


It’s a shame we don’t have 666 Troops.


Did you just revealed the upcoming map, so we are prepared for at least 70 more kingdoms? :sweat_smile:


Nope, she revealed that on her build she can zoom out more than us.






OOF finally broke my record of keys in one week, but look what happened (no joke)





First Delve Chest Level 11(-1) outside the Faction Event. :partying_face:


When you love the game and just play and play, you only need patience and everything comes.
Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I got the last blue orbs I needed to craft Zuul from scratch. :star_struck:

But blue minors are so precious that I decided to win my first (and probably last) event to get an orb of power and save some blue stuff. It was a faction event and I was 2nd for the first half of the day, but then the other guy stopped and I reached the last delve in no hurry. I enjoyed the experience but it took a while. :sweat_smile:

So in the end I kept 15 blue minor orbs in my pocket for future jumps from legendary to mythic and Zuul joined my collection, which was always the point since he is not so terrific as he should be (please, devs, bug him again). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Few hours ago I used a vault key

Then just got 200 pet mastery

Not even sure what to do with them on this account. Would have liked them on my main account or would have liked some wisdoms but I can’t complain about that.


I’m pretty sure i reached a higher damage before, but just today i’ve considered using this meme.


All factions and treasures upgraded without using any Orb, all Hoards at level 100 and Quality 10 and i didn’t even started this Faction Event yet.


This is pleasing to the eye @Razzagor


Feeling a little blue, are we? :rofl: