Cool screenshot topic


Oh dear lord


Floor 30 bossfight, you shot with ketras on jarl and he survived with 1hp? really? :man_facepalming:t2:


Tier 5 and 100 event keys.
I just needed one copy of Cloudstalker.:rofl:


The irony in getting two copies of one of the best mythics, while trying to mythic the worst invasion troop is hilarious.


Makes me feel better about doing Tier 7, 3 times for it. Lol
But hey 11 star wild plains and I have a Major Wisdom orb to look forward to 7 days from now. :wink:
(Assuming I’m able to finish in the top 5 thanks to my chasing).


Made it.




Check your mail. I don’t think you actually got a Mythic ingot.
It looks like you got 1 very rare, 2 rare, and 6 common ingots for your 9 daily ingots.
(I was mislead the other day as well. :roll_eyes:)
Unless you’re renown is over 13k now (meaning you get 10 ingots daily) and the website has outdated info.


There are too much stuffs, so it was split to other morphing screen.


Ahhh thanks!
I thought it was just a random ingot in the splash screen and the rest were your actual rewards. Good to know! Cool.


wisdom for days





I love this. Quality content.


Gotta catch ‘em all.



Careful, with so many vault keys, handsome jack will be coming for ya.


This is a bragging post. The only purpose of this post is to brag. Watch me brag. OK.

And Lyya, please add all troops to your site, please. Treasure troops are troops, ok. Troops, ok. They are troops. OK?


i weep for all those blue orbs :"( xD