Cool screenshot topic


That’s beautiful!
Love it :heart_eyes:


Should I get a plane ticket to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo right away?


In B5 - all time high to make up for my all time low the day before


You’re welcome Devs. :wink:
Before Irongut (all guild keys used)

After Irongut (all guild keys saved)




What does the broken shield/non-broken shield mean? I assume sword is total fights and skull is lost fights?


Sword - Attacks won
Skull - Attacks lost
Shield - Defense won
Broken shield - Defense lost





Not bad.


Y U no stream @ this normal* time

* for us Europeans


The final turn in Crypt Keepers bossroom level 500 with faction troops only :smiling_imp:


You matched that horizontal green/brown gems, right? Congrats for maxing Crypt Keeper’s renown! :partying_face:


Hnnnng those are tasks!:money_mouth_face:




30 gem draak xD


Not-cool Screenshot.
Damn you and your 200+ life steal, Xethanos!





My first 4096 in 2048!

This game has much better RNG than GoW. :slight_smile:


I remember getting 65,536 in that game.

It quite managable if undo is possible. :grin: As only 2 (and 4?) can be spawned to random empty spaces, RNG is not as complex compared to 7-gem algorithm in GoW.


Bunnies, sweet bunnies :drooling_face: