[Contact Support] Cannot log in again


Once again error message ‘I cannot connect to destination host’

This is happening way too frequently on the app. I have been looking forward to this weekend and now I cannot freaking login

Are you sure it isn’t “Cannot resolve destination host”?

Domain name resolution is done by your Internet provider, you aren’t even reaching the server you want to log in to. Where are you located? Switching to a VPN might solve your issue.

There is nothing wrong with my Internet as I have been using the Internet all morning

It is as I said ‘cannot connect to destination host’

This isn’t how this works. Just because your key unlocks your front and back door doesn’t mean it will let you into every house.

Post a screenshot please.

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And every time it is only Gems of War that my keys cannot unlock?!

That’s not too usual. Like, an Internet provider may receive instructions to not let anybody through to something related to “war”. Interestingly, you seem to get the DNS name resolved, the connect doesn’t work. What do you get if you open this URL on the same device your Gems of War is running on?

This is what I see when I click the URL