Console need patch for gw changes?

GW delayed two weeks for change, and gw can’t change on console without a patch…

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Console got screwed… Unless they’ve already implemented the planned changes to pc mobile into the console patch. If not I’m going to be really pissed off. We get a bum deal too often imo.

Umm… somethings can be done without a patch.

You might not have noticed, but Guild Wars is currently on hold. They did this without a patch.

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I hope you’re right. I just have a bad feeling they’re not going to be able to without a patch, which is still probably at least 6 weeks out.


I personally don’t approve/agree with saltypeppers comments about moving GW to once a month. I’m sure they can do that without a patch on console. Heck, They just ‘paused’ it so skipping every 3 weeks should be easy.

I like many console players are concerned that the format or calculations system may be changed in a way that would require a client update as on console they are not able to do as much dynamically.

A client update is fine but history has shown the approval process with Microsoft and Sony is a rigorous one. This is not fault of the developers, but an annoyance as if one rejected the update they have to start over with both if I am not mistaken.

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I really not that concerned about the whole thing, client patch or no patch on console. As I posted elsewhere I think changing the GW schedule to once a moth (or whatever) is effectively like changing the ballroom dancing schedule on the Titanic.

They need to address the root problem. And there is no hints this is going to occur.

For now its all speculation.

This was just an example of one of many discussions that have been tossed around the office. It’s unlikely we would switch GWs to only once a month.


You know not all changes require a client update, right? They can change stuff that lives on servers.

Thanks for reassuring me😀. As an FYI, The root problem I spoke about is troop balance… (and not just exclusively Justice). I’m hoping you guys can implement something that can address balancing issues quickly in the future. For the happiness of everyone.

@Strat Are you shading me by calling me Saltypeppers? Because I have to say that is a great nickname and I’m not mad about it.

As Nim said, we are discussing a variety of suggestions and options.


Ha, no its because I can’t type a single sentence without making mistakes!:grinning: Feel free to use it wherever you like. :slightly_smiling_face:

I definitely will. (Also I never said it would be moving to once a month? I’m confused?)

I can’t type, spell, or use gramer😉. But I have an knack for reading something once and remember it, here you go:

I said it might change, not that it would change. That’s why I was confused, your comments earlier made it seem like I had jumped in somewhere and was all “GUILD WARS WILL BE ONCE A MONTH I AM DRUNK WITH POWER.” :stuck_out_tongue:



Answer this one simple question that you keep avoiding. What can you change on console gw without a patch.

If any changes occur in the next two weeks they will be server side fixes which mean they will affect both console and PC/Mobile.

And what is possible to change server side?

Because I don’t think you can make significant changes to the console gw without a patch, therefore no reason to cancel console gw because it won’t be changed in 2 weeks when it comes back.

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We can change a lot of things server side.


If you and @Nimhain tell us console players what can be adjusted server side, we can concentrate the change discussion on what doesn’t require a patch.

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