CONSOLE: An Update on the Update!

@Alpheon, Thank you :smile:

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Thanks @Alpheon

Can you post something on the forums when it does? or use the official Twitter Account? Just so I can download it as soon as its available.

looks up “HOW soon?”

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Hey everyone, just a bit of unfortunate news I posted over in the sneak peak thread in relation to the new IAPs.

@Strat, We shall be posting on Twitter. We’ll also post the new patch notes up around when it goes live. We’ll be launching on PS4 slightly ahead of Xbox (about an hour difference).

@PowerPlay very™ soon.


Very good news can’t wait to try it!!!

THis will reset this weeks stats, right? and will it change the resets, or will that still be Sunday 11pm PST? (that’s the only time zone i know, don’t know how far off AEST is:))

New update is now propagating on PS4! PS4 players should be seeing the update shortly.

@evilbatwitch: The reset times won’t change. The PVP stats for the event shouldn’t change, however guild stats will be reset.

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I’m downloading it now, yes. 1.9GB.

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The Patch Notes for the new update is now available on this post!

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when is the Xbox patch being released???

@Alpheon said approx 1h after ps4 it’s been 1h so it must be real soon

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I’m downloading it on Xbox right now.

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Beated you im at 72% :slight_smile:

Mine just finished and starting the game up now :smiley:


Damn your connection is faster then mine lol 82%

Edit finaly done aleluia!!!

Still no update for me on Xbox one… Is the update automatic download…

Finally after shutting down the game multiple times and no update. I had to turn off the Xbox and reboot the game to get the update to work…smh…

When will it be released

This update is great. You can work your defence to proper specifications.

@Sirrian or @Alpheon

Forgive me if this is the wrong thread, but I haven’t seen it addressed anywhere recently and I believe this is where the talk about it had been, but…

Can we get an update on how were looking to be fully in sync with mobile/pc? It’s been a while since we heard anything, and it seems like we’re not catching up at all anymore but just staying on pace behind them.

Are you going to continue the slow creep up to them, or are we just going to get a big dump with all of it at once?

Any update would be great, and forgive me if you’ve posted about this somewhere recently and I missed it! Thanks.

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the next update on console coming mid or late february be patient !!!