Console 2.0.5 Known Issues

There is another bug with abhorath

so i killed Aborath and he became invisible

Sorry for the delay at the end i though it was over and realise it wasn’t :slight_smile:



Honestly? It would be AMAZING if the stealth trait actually made the card invisible. In the PvP screen when you invade… just a blank card with a question mark! [?]

Let’s turn that bug into a feature request! :smile:

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Maw make his cast, create yellow and brown gems but devour no troop

Edit: It happened twice against the same team


Wait… are you actually pointing a hand-held camera at your console monitor? Both the Xbox One and PS4 support video capture.

XBox One: Record game clips with Game DVR
PS4: Saving a video clip

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I know im using it and recording it while it upload with my phone and delete it when im done

Its not a bug, maw cant devour impervious troops, like Plague in this video.

My Maw devours impervious troops all the time. Plague and Behemoth mostly. I understood THAT to be the bug that would be fixed in the next update.

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Same here maw devour carnex plague and every impervious troop

My maw didn’t devour a plague earlier, I couldn’t choose between plague and death and chose the one I couldn’t eat much to my annoyance! I’ll always double check from now on!

Maybe they ninja fixed it, i will try other impervious troop

Hi - my wife was telling me about a task team that she was using yesterday and mentioned putting Amira, EK and Manticore together. I said, “You had a task to do battles with 3 troops from Leonis Empire?” and she said yes. I assume she wasn’t lying to me. Did you already push some changes to the task system out?

Yeah i think cause i had the same task 2 days ago

Yes they did. Do you recall last week when there was not any tasks for a day. They pushed out a change the day before that.

Any updates on the, um, update, @Alpheon?

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Well it’s in microsoft and sony hands so i don’t expect it before monday if everything is fine

I don’t think it works quite that simply, I could be off:
Dev submits update. MS/Sony reviews approves/denies. MS/Sony gets back to Dev. Dev give the go ahead to release. MS/Sony deploys update.

We don’t know where it stands.

i think microsoft and sony got the last word and release update but i might be wrong

I heard some talk about some people having trouble, but I had tasks every day last week. Didn’t realize that a task update was the reason. That’s cool, though.

Happened several time this week , been stuck in loading sreen of pvp. Only walkaround is restart game but it register as a lost

I don’t think your waiting long enough, choose retry 2-4 times before you quit, and it should go through. Same thing has been happening to me all week but I always get through it by “retrying” multiple times.

Its an indication they are having very minor server issues.