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Congratulations 505 Games!

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I can 100% seperate my praise for your ability to publish some of the greatest games ever made. While also criticizing your decisions with games with live service post 2017.


Some of the games they published have horrible regional pricing in Steam, so I dread to see more games aliasing with them. They would probably go full EA / SE in the coming years.

I’m no expert in those sorts of things. But usually digital price have to match region retailers in fear of pissing off brick and mortars.
So if there is a variance in pricing. I’d assume it has to do with cost to ship or taxes to that region.
Basically all digital prices are bull shit if you really think about it. But necessary I guess to make peace with other companies.
When there’s companies, like my personal favorite, Microsoft who seems to just give games away. Makes me really wonder how they can stay profitable doing it.
If someone was able to figure out the actual most fair way to price video games. I’d then ask why they haven’t used that time instead to cure cancer? :wink: