Concealed Supremacy - Recruitment - *FULL*

Well hi there! Thank you for taking the time to look at this recruitment thread for a brand new guild. Warning right now – wall of text to follow.

My name is Mark. I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I’ve been playing Gems of War for a little over a year now and have decided that I would like to create my own guild.

A few game stats about me:

Level 1162

Kingdoms all at level 10 with 24 of them at 7 stars and the other three at 5 and 6 stars (but I’m still working on it).

My deck is two troops short of completion – Wulfgarok and Pharos-Ra. But every troop in my deck is fully traited and I have about 2 dozen left to ascend to mythic. I do have the trait stones for Wulfy and Pharos once I get them.

I don’t play anything but Gems but I do have a full time job so I am online each work day at about 5:30pm PST and play until I can pull myself away from the game to go to bed. In general, I try to complete a minimum of 30 battles each day, Tuesday through Saturday, and on my two days off, Sunday and Monday, they are a free-for-all where I try to get as much done as I can. Usually ends up around 100 battles each day off from work. So my week usually ends with at least 1000 trophies, approximately 1.5 million gold donated to guild tasks and 1500 seals (seals are accumulated by Monday night or Tuesday).

What I envision for our guild is to put together a group of friendly, active players who can match or come close to what I can do. This may not be entirely possible since most players of this caliber are in established guilds and would not want to lose the benefits derived from that. So my initial thoughts about minimum requirements are:

Gold: Minimum 100k unless levelling kingdoms, in which case - donate what you can. We hope you will be able to do much more. When the guild has a full 30/30 membership, it will be expected that everyone will share the burden equally at 534k unless you are still leveling kingdoms.
Seals: 1334 seals each per week (so we can get to the 40k chests)
Trophies: I think we’ll leave this open for now. If the gold and seal minimums are met then there should be adequate trophy collection to start out with.

If you’re interested in building a guild from the ground up, let me know here. Maybe we can all be part of something that will become much bigger in the future.

Welcome Concealed Supremacy to the guild league rankings.


All my kingdoms 10 lvl. My level 482.
At the moment my maximum investment 500.000-550.000 gold weekly, 1300 seals weekly, but I can and more. I am from Ukraine.

Well thanks for the reply. You are very close to the minimums I was looking for so I don’t think you would have to do that much more. As I said the mins are designed for a full 30 member guild to be most beneficial. With the guild at such a low level we can only have 10 members so far.

So you need to leave the guild you are in and then I can send the invite if you’re interested.

I agree to join your guild. I came out of my guild.

Ok I’ll just be a minute or so I’m in a battle at the moment and when I’m finished I will send the invite.

Invite sent.


Hey everyone. Started the day at rank 19421. Getting close to reset. Now we’re 11722. Come join a new guild on the way through the ranks. If you’re strong enough. :wink:


Keep up the spirit! Gonna be fun to watch you grow! :smiley:


That’s what she said.

Good luck @collectorofgems!


Thanks @Eika. I appreciate the support.

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Thanks @HKdirewolf. Much appreciated.

Looking to help build into a great guild. U have any spots left?

We have 7 at the moment. Low level of the guild means a max of 10 members. Think you can meet the minimums listed in the first post?

Yes not a problem. All kingdoms maxed. Not all stars but working on it.

Invite code is DARKSOTER. please send invite

Awesome. Power level isn’t important for guild needs but kingdom level can be. Are you in a guild at the moment? If so you will have to leave that one and then provide me with your invite code.

Invite sent. Did you receive it?

After a day of play and a few levels achieved for the guild we now have 19 spots available if you’re interested in building something from scratch with a group of friendly, active players.

Good luck to all on their climb to tier one!


You see, you will have 30 spots soon. Congrats for doing so well so fast. We will be waiting for you at the top. :stuck_out_tongue: