Concealed Supremacy - Recruitment - *FULL*

Good for you, this is great for the game.
Keep us posted as you rocket up the ranks.
Good Luck!

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Thanks @Mariana. We’re ranked 8987 and Silver 2 so far today. We still have 20 spots open for anyone interested in joining a new guild just getting warmed up. :smile:

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If I didn’t have my own guild I would be tempted :grin:


Well second day done. We may only have four members so far but we’ve done well.

So far we’ve accomplished :

4 tasks at 6/12
1 task at 7/12
1 task at 11/12

Level Gold 1 and Ranked 7471

Come join a guild that is moving up the ranks well and progressing with tasks and seals despite our low member count. We have a lot of growing to do and a bright future ahead. We’d love to have you along for the ride. :smile:


Come join us. We are moving up quickly.

Requirements if still leveling kingdoms

Trophies as see fit

Requirements if all kingdoms maxed at level10

Trophies as see fit

Leave message here and we will get you in asap. See you in the game.

So home from work and starting in on my GoW evening. I noticed that our other members worked hard and got us up to rank 6786 while I was at work. We have updated the minimum requirements to attract more attention from players. We need more members to help us in our growth and we can help with yours.

@Darksoter’s post above explains it. And the original post has been edited.


What some of those viewing this post may have missed is that two of the longest-term players in the game are in this guild. We want to build something new and terrific from the bottom up, and we need your help to do it. We can answer questions, recommend teams, and get you started on your way to GoW success. We hope to build a guild that is worthy of long-term membership, where you think of us as your family in the game. Come and join us! You won’t be sorry you did.


Wishing you all the best!


Thanks for the good wishes, @LYNDALE!

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Good luck on new guild! Wish you all the best and see y’all in Bonedragonland! :wink:


Level: 589
Kingsoms all at 10 (majority 3 to 5 stars)
Make 450, 000+ gold

Invite Code: PROFKITTY
If you have the room, I would love to join your guild

Thanks, @ZooKeeper! Good wishes from my grandson mean a lot!

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Well three eventful days in the young life of Concealed Supremacy. We now have 6 members (including myself). Climbed the ranks to #6159 and achieved Gold 3 guild level. We’ve completed one task and have a second near done with the rest half done.

We have 20 spots available to some more players interested in the adventure of building a guild from the beginning. Come join the fun! :fireworks:


Reminds me of the guild I’m in on the PS4 and it’s humble beginnings.

I wish you luck on your search for the HC players that are not currently in a HC guild.

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We are moving up in the big world of gems, we have 20 open spots. We are very active in the game.


300k if still leveling kingdoms
1334 seals
Trophies as seen fit

540k if all kingdoms maxed at level 10
1334 seals
Trophies as seen fit

Well another day. A few more trophies. A few more levels. Even a new recruit to join our growing family. Great experience.

Level Platinum 3 and rank 5575. 20 spots open for players to help a new guild and in return we can help you too. Come grow with us. Join our family of GoW fans.

This thread has fallen too far down the list with all the server issues and threads on that topic. Need to bring it back to the top. :wink:

Oh yeah and . . . . Come join Concealed Supremacy.

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Up to eight members now! C’mon, folks, you know this is the place you want to be for the rest of your GoW adventure! In four days we have completed guild tasks, risen in the ranks and quadrupled our membership. This is the guild of the future, so join up while you still can!


Day 5 done and another great day. Great effort from the people who are helping to build this guild into something so much more. Thank you so much. @RiverSong successfully recruited our 8 th member as she stated above. And we’ve moved up the ranks up to spot 4966.

We are growing. Both in members and in position on the leaderboard. Every day. Need a friendly, active and helpful place to call home? Somewhere to achieve your goals with your Hero and the rest of your troops and kingdoms? You’ve found it. Right here in Concealed Supremacy. Drop us a line. Come along for the ride. :smile:

Hey there. I played GoW until a few months ago and now want to start again. The last time i played was before the big guild update, so i don’t know anything about the new system. This is the only guild i’ll apply for so far, because building a guild from scratch seems a lot more interesting.

The gold contribution requirement seems reasonable to me, but i don’t know how much seals i can contribute, because i don’t even know what seals are for.^^

Kingdoms are all at 10, and most of the older troops are mythic.

Invitecode is @MADDI