Combo Bonuses that don't add up?

Ok. Things that don’t add up…

If you do 4 Adana Troops and they are all Constructs, you don’t get both armor bonuses.

4 Stormheim and beast? don’t get both attack and life bonuses.

It looks like to me that if you get multiple bonuses that boost the same attribute, it picks One of the boosts and gives it to you. How it determines this, I haven’t figure it out (level of boost? 2 vs 3?) but I am wondering why I can’t do this combo: Carnex, Tankbot, Flame Cannon, Deep Borer and get both the 3 Adana bonus (+4 Armor +1 attack) And Construct General (+8 armor). It is giving me the Adana bonus and Not the construct bonus. Switch in Steam Turret for Deep Borer and get Adana 4 bonus, but still Not the Construct General bonus.

Bug? or deliberate? Just wondering.

It’s a bug:

I assume this goes for all other combos that don’t add up? I just noticed not getting the extra +2 magic for having 4 Fey troops on top of the bonus for having 4 Forest of Thorns troops.
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