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Climbing GW brackets and points

My guild is at bracket 204. What is the minimum amount of brackets we will climb when we win our bracket? What would be the minimum for second place in a bracket?

Do our points have an effect on how many brackets we climb or is it only about winning?

If points have an effect, is it about relative amount of points or do we have to hit some specific point range in order to maximize the amount we climb?

Knowing these things would help us determine whether we should require participation from all guild members or not. Thanks in advance for all information about the subject.

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Basically the more you dominate your bracket the more brackets you will move up. Max brackets you can climb in 1 gw iteration is unknown tho

@noob What counts as dominating bracket? Is our score compared against average score in the bracket or something else?

We won previous war by margin of over ~900k. The guild in the bracket below us won by margin of ~500k, but there was more activity in their bracket. Both guilds got similar total scores. Both climbed 11 brackets.

Friends’ guild some brackets above us climbed by 10 brackets after becoming second in their bracket. It’s very confusing.

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Unfortunately the devs never fully disclosed the info. This is the best they have explained Maximum positions in guild war rating

But i think your score is also compared to other brackets, as bracket 50 is theoretically easier than bracket 45, and 1M points in bracket 50 is considered less than 1M points bracket 45.
Either way, just try to score as high as you can and youll move up faster. 1 guild reported they moved up 19 brackets Guild wars bracket placements

In brackets 200+ I have seen (and screenshotted) jumps of 11-27 brackets personally but another friend’s guild jumped by 43 brackets once.

It just seems so random. Doing similar score in every war with completely random amount of climbing as a result is frustrating.
I did read through all information on brackets that I could find before making my post. I really would like to know some specifics about how it works.

Well i guess youll have to pray for a dev to chime in :grimacing:

Every time we score over a million points. But in brackets next to us sometimes we see guilds, which in the last war scored 600-800 thousand.
Conclusion: the developers deliberately limit the guilds in the number of brackets to which they can climb as a result of the war.
Why? They care about those who have already risen in the ranking.
Yes, @Kafka ?

I’m part of a guild that went from bracket 400+ to bracket 1. So false.
The devs have no input in it other than writing the code originally that decides the fates of all those that participate bracket wise. Your beef is with an algorithm. Nothing less, nothing more.

The best solution as I’ve suggested in other similar threads is to have the brackets only go to bracket 100. All other guilds below this would be in one supersize bracket called “bracket 101”. This way any new guild will at least be starting at 101 instead of 400-500+.

GW rewards are the same after 100 anyway so it makes no difference in that respect.


My words are almost a quote from one of the developers =)
So false? I do not think so.

This is what I think the best solution would be atm, as well.

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You’re not supposed to climb the brackets. You’re supposed to give up and join one of the already-established guilds. This is clear in the design, and especially clear after how Switch rankings were distributed the first time.